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Miravis Fungicide: A Giant Leap for Peanut Growing

When many Americans are gearing up for the summer holidays and shifting into vacation mode, peanut growers’ minds remain focused on protecting their crop from the non-stop disease threat from leaf spot. From early in the season through harvest, leaf spot just keeps coming and growers have to keep on spraying. If growers miss a spray or give leaf spot ... Read More »

Changes May Be On The Horizon, But For Now An Oversupply Makes For A Stagnant Market

By Amanda Huber — Despite the fact that Congress passed a budget agreement and disaster aid package that eliminates generic base, it doesn’t negate the fact that there is an oversupply of peanuts going into the 2018 planting season. Dell Cotton, Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association, and Nathan Smith, Clemson University Extension ag economist, offer a more complete look at ... Read More »

News Briefs

Generic Base Eliminated Congress cleared a budget agreement and disaster-aid package that has a significant impact on farmers for the 2018 crop year. The budget agreement passed the House by a vote of 240 to 186 and passed the Senate by a vote of 71 to 28. The President has also signed the legislation. The legislation includes $90 billion in ... Read More »

Put It In T he Rearview Mirror

Amanda Huber

I saw it happening, but I didn’t know what I was looking at. It turns out that neither did anyone else. What am I talking about? The collapse of peanut fields in Florida late in the 2017 season. It was a strange thing to behold. The field is one I pass on my way to town. Being that I’m a ... Read More »

2018 Peanut Grower Inoculant Guide

Sponsored by Verdesian Life Sciences What Is The Incentive To Use  An Inoculant? One Word: Yield Valuable yields are waiting in each peanut seed. The yield potential of each seed is at its maximum when it is put into the ground. Decisions such as crop rotation and field selection help that seed reach its full potential. Irrigation and pest management ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

Soil Test A Must “How many peanuts will growers plant in 2018?” This is a question being discussed at peanut production meetings all over the state. Prior to the passing of the budget agreement allowing cotton to be eligible for the Price Loss Coverage and get cotton back into the new Farm Bill, growers were indicating they would plant similar ... Read More »

New Products

New Biorational From Valent Valent recently announced the launch of MycoApply EndoPrime for corn, peanuts and cotton. MycoApply EndoPrime is applied in-furrow and uses four unique species of mycorrhizal fungi to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and yield potential. MycoApply EndoPrime colonizes the root system of the plant and creates filaments known as hyphae that attach to root hairs, ... Read More »

Don’t Forget About Soil pH

Although it can be overlooked, proper soil pH is critical to high-yielding peanuts. By Amanda Huber For the most part, producers can keep the pH of their soils in optimum range, but depending on uses of the land, soil amendments added or not added, over time soil pH can get off kilter. Unfortunately, when this happens, says Glen Harris, University ... Read More »

Worth The Wait

Waiting for soil temperatures to warm up by a few degrees can mean a double-digit increase in germination percentage. By Amanda Huber Factors that affect soil temperature and, therefore, peanut planting include more than air temperature, says Kris Balkcom, Auburn University Extension peanut specialist. It also includes soil type, soil moisture level, the presence of cover crops or the use ... Read More »

The Code Is Unlocked

An international group of scientists completed a five-year quest to map the peanut’s genetic code. The Peanut Foundation recently announced the culmination of a research project that will give scientists around the world a map with which to unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant. This discovery by the Peanut Genome Consortium, a group of scientists from ... Read More »