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News Brief

Stabenow Talks Farm Bill Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mi) recently told reporters, “We’re going to start right now and move through the process, and we’ll make decisions as we go along. “In terms of an exact timetable, I think it’s in the interest of agriculture, given the backdrop that we’re in right now around budgets and deficits, to move in a ... Read More »

If You Build It, They Will Come

By Amanda Huber Organic peanut production continues to be researched and improved upon in both small plot and on-farm trials. However, I can tell you that I am hesitant to write about it. Last year I did, and later in the year, I got an email from a producer who had organic peanuts sitting in cold storage, but had no ... Read More »

Planting Intentions

Although many economists and peanut industry analysts predict a double-digit decrease in acreage, the National Agriculture Statistics Service says, based on their interviews with producers, the industry will only decrease total acreage by four percent in 2011. This information was released in NASS’ annual “Prospective Plantings” report in late March. According to the report, growers intend to plant 1.24 million ... Read More »

Maintaining Uniform Application For Sprayers

Proper sprayer operation involves calibrating equipment often and documenting it each time. By John Fulton Extension Specialist, Biosystems Engineering Auburn University Sprayer technology has rapidly advanced in recent years with new rate control systems along with technologies such as guidance and automatic section control. While these modern technologies can provide substantial benefits for farmers and/or sprayer operators, they do require ... Read More »

Seed Bait For Soil Insects

Use this sampling technique to estimate underground pest pressure. By Dr. Ayanava Majumdar “Dr. A,” Extension entomologist and state sustainable agriculture coordinator, Auburn University; and Rudy Yates, regional Extension agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System This past year was a difficult one for peanut producers because of wireworm, lesser cornstalk borer and rootworm outbreaks that resulted in severe yield losses in ... Read More »

Primed Acclimation

Apply this concept to prime plants to be more efficient users of water By Amanda Huber In production agriculture, water is still the most limiting factor – no matter where you are or what crop you grow. But what Wilson Faircloth, research agronomist at the National Peanut Research Laboratory in Dawson, Ga., has been telling producers this spring is that ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

JOHN BEASLEY University of Georgia Extension Peanut Agronomist The five cultivars that will account for almost 100 percent of the planted acreage in the Southeast in 2011 all have considerably more resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) than Georgia Green. Because of that significantly better level of resistance to TSWV, producers are provided with the flexibility of planting earlier, ... Read More »

Oklahoma Farmer Heads Ag Committee

Rep. Frank Lucas (R) of Oklahoma is a farmer and knows about peanut production in his state. Lucas recently said that the House of Representatives Ag Committee will be a challenge to lead. “There are 26 republicans and 20 democrats. Sixteen republican members are freshman, and seven democrats have never served on the committee.” Lucas said, “We are in a ... Read More »

Contracting varies from zero acres to 110 percent of last year

BY TYRON SPEARMAN CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Kick off for the new season is just around the corner. Many producers have their plan-of-action in mind, but more than likely, most farmers will be versatile enough to change plans if needed. It is an exciting time for farming, but, after all, farmers tend to be more optimistic this time of the year anyway. ... Read More »

Adapting to change

By Amanda Huber As I walked out onto the porch this morning, cup of coffee in hand, to enjoy the morning sunshine, three chickens ran out from under the porch. Uh-Oh. Someone forgot to shut the chicken coop door last night. It happens. Chickens are a new addition to my life. We did not have them growing up. It really ... Read More »