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Torpedograss Slowly Attacking the Panhandle


Tordpedograss (Panicum reopens) is one of the most concerning weeds in Florida, and has become a significant weed problem in the Panhandle. This weed’s favorite habitat is in or near ponds and ditches, but will spread across lawns, turf fields, and pastures. A native grass of both Africa and Asia, torpedograss was introduced through seed in the U.S in the ... Read More »

Caterpillars in August Peanuts

velvetbean caterpillar

Velvetbean caterpillars (VBC) have arrived in large numbers in some Georgia peanut fields over the past couple weeks. Peanuts that are 70 to 90 days after planting are likely to be at greatest risk for yield loss from defoliation; the risk is even greater in fields that are drought stressed. VBCs have voracious appetites and can completely defoliate peanuts if ... Read More »

The New Peanut Crop Insurance Program

At the recent National Peanut Buying Points Association annual convention, Keith Schumann, AgriLogic Consulting, LLC, spoke about the new insurance program available beginning with the 2015 peanut crop. As with the previous policy, producers can elect to use their contract prices for the insurance price election in the yield protection policy. If the contract price is used, the price will ... Read More »