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Kudos To The WSSA On Their Effort

Amanda Huber

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superweed! Alright, that’s not what you were expecting, but I doubt the serious-minded researchers that comprise the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) never expected to have to define ... Read More »

Reasons To Hope USDA Is On Target

Amanda Huber

USDA has predicted a nine percent increase in peanut acreage in 2015, and although there are reasons to believe they have underestimated that figure, there are more reasons to hope they are on target. From a marketing standpoint, there would be less carryover and the possibility of a profitable 2016. From a production standpoint, one can hope a slight increase ... Read More »

The waiting game can be difficult

One good warm day and my kids break out the shorts and flip flops. By the second warm day, they are wanting to know when they can get in the pool. Their dad and I have to assure them, or even let them dip their tootsies in the pool for a test feel, that it is not warm enough to ... Read More »

Finding Our Priorities

Amanda Huber

By Amanda Huber, Editor “Nine billion people are expected to inhabit Planet Earth by 2050. Without agricultural research, there is little hope of sustaining this population surge, given that arable land and water supplies are fixed commodities. Yet for decades the agricultural sector has suffered from neglect. If we want to combat new strains of pests that destroy crops, find ... Read More »

Is South Carolina committed to peanuts? You betcha.

Among the many great character traits of my granddaddy, now 104, is that no matter your reason for visiting his house, if he is able to give you something or serve you in some way, he is happy. Be it a glass of water or a T-bone steak, he wants you to have something. Hospitality is truly important to him. ... Read More »

My Favorite Farm Scene

Amanda Huber

By Amanda Huber, Editor If you stop to look at the beauty that surrounds you throughout the year, you likely have a favorite “scene” on your farm. It may happen only once a year, as mine does, or it may be a vignette you can look at all year long. My scene happens in the summer. The drive up to ... Read More »

Comment Period On WOTUS Extended Again

amanda huber

The most difficult word to write is the very first one. In fact, most times, I start by writing the body of an article, then come back to that always-challenging first sentence. So I can certainly appreciate when someone else starts an article with a clever opening line, such as, “If a ditch fills with rainwater – and nobody’s around ... Read More »

Plant some humor where you can

By Amanda Huber Editor No doubt city folks would not understand our rural humor and vice versa, but I hope many of you will get a chuckle out of my story. My dad had four older brothers and I ended up being the last of the cousins – the baby of the baby, if you will. There’s kind of a ... Read More »

Celebrating 25 Years

By Amanda Huber Editor I think of myself as a confident and determined person who is willing to work hard to get the job done. Yet, I cannot imagine having stepped out on sheer faith to start The Peanut Grower like Cathy Andrews Kvien did 25 years ago. I still marvel at what it took to create this magazine and ... Read More »

Editor’s Note

Repurposing on the farm? I learned from the master By Amanda Huber Editor An email came to my inbox recently from the company, Repurposed Materials. Their offer to me was an article idea focusing on “sustainability,” a current buzzword in agriculture. Their contribution to sustainability, as their name implies, is to take used goods and to find new uses for ... Read More »