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My Favorite Farm Scene

Amanda Huber

By Amanda Huber, Editor If you stop to look at the beauty that surrounds you throughout the year, you likely have a favorite “scene” on your farm. It may happen only once a year, as mine does, or it may be a vignette you can look at all year long. My scene happens in the summer. The drive up to ... Read More »

Comment Period On WOTUS Extended Again

amanda huber

The most difficult word to write is the very first one. In fact, most times, I start by writing the body of an article, then come back to that always-challenging first sentence. So I can certainly appreciate when someone else starts an article with a clever opening line, such as, “If a ditch fills with rainwater – and nobody’s around ... Read More »

Plant some humor where you can

By Amanda Huber Editor No doubt city folks would not understand our rural humor and vice versa, but I hope many of you will get a chuckle out of my story. My dad had four older brothers and I ended up being the last of the cousins – the baby of the baby, if you will. There’s kind of a ... Read More »

Celebrating 25 Years

By Amanda Huber Editor I think of myself as a confident and determined person who is willing to work hard to get the job done. Yet, I cannot imagine having stepped out on sheer faith to start The Peanut Grower like Cathy Andrews Kvien did 25 years ago. I still marvel at what it took to create this magazine and ... Read More »

Editor’s Note

Repurposing on the farm? I learned from the master By Amanda Huber Editor An email came to my inbox recently from the company, Repurposed Materials. Their offer to me was an article idea focusing on “sustainability,” a current buzzword in agriculture. Their contribution to sustainability, as their name implies, is to take used goods and to find new uses for ... Read More »

Let the Celebration Begin

by Amanda Huber Take a minute, if you will, to turn back the page to the Table of Contents and look just under the header “January 2013” and then under The Peanut Grower logo. It says “Volume 25, No. 1.” That’s right: The Peanut Grower turns 25 this year. It is impossible to think about The Peanut Grower celebrating a ... Read More »

Editor’s Note

A commitment To Go Further By Amanda Huber One occupation I have come to respect is that of the funeral home owner; it’s one of those jobs that takes very special people. When you are in need of their services – and we all will at some point – it is such a comfort to know and trust the funeral ... Read More »

Editor’s Note

Thank goodness for good examples By Amanda Huber If you are or have been affiliated in any way with the University of Georgia or have been on almost any agricultural tour at the university, you will recognize on the cover that unmistakable hat and profile as Benjie Baldree. Benjie is undoubtably one of the really good people in this world. ... Read More »

To The Extreme

By Amanda Huber The word “extreme” gained popularity in the last decade to describe risky and dangerous sports activities, especially those having a high level of inherent danger. The sports network, ESPN, capitalized on this phenomenon by introducing the X games and brought the world little known sports activities that involved spectacular stunts, making “sports” stars, such as Shaun White, ... Read More »

It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This

By Amanda Huber Yesterday, I heard those words no one ever wants to hear. “We just can’t fix it, Mrs. Huber,” said the mechanic, at least not without a new engine that would cost several thousand dollars. My beloved Suburban is dying. Ten years I have had this same vehicle. It’s the only car my children have ever known. I’ve ... Read More »