Lime, Gypsum or Calcium Chloride Through The Pivot?

Has research data changed recommendations for providing calcium? By Glen Harris and John Beasley, University of Georgia, and Julie Howe, Auburn University Historically, the recommendation for providing calcium to the peanut pegging zone was to apply 1,000 pounds per acre of gypsum or the equivalent (broadcast or banded) at bloomtime. This was to be applied only if you did not ... Read More »

Planting Intentions

The United States Department of Agriculture‚Äôs National Agriculture Statistics Service says, based on their interviews in late winter, growers intend to plant 1.42 million acres in 2012, up 25 percent from the previous year. Strong demand and a decline in acreage over the last couple of years has left peanuts in short supply, indicating the need to increase production in ... Read More »

Timing of White Mold Management

A new product and earlier expression of the disease warrant earlier control measures. By Amanda Huber White mold has been the primary disease problem in peanuts for the last four years in a row. Because of its widespread distribution, sheer number of hosts and potential for the sclerotia, or survival structures, to survive in the soil for a number of ... Read More »