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News Brief

Stabenow Talks Farm Bill Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mi) recently told reporters, “We’re going to start right now and move through the process, and we’ll make decisions as we go along. “In terms of an exact timetable, I think it’s in the interest of agriculture, given the backdrop that we’re in right now around budgets and deficits, to move in a ... Read More »

Oklahoma Farmer Heads Ag Committee

Rep. Frank Lucas (R) of Oklahoma is a farmer and knows about peanut production in his state. Lucas recently said that the House of Representatives Ag Committee will be a challenge to lead. “There are 26 republicans and 20 democrats. Sixteen republican members are freshman, and seven democrats have never served on the committee.” Lucas said, “We are in a ... Read More »

News Brief

Ag Committee Members Announced House Agriculture Committee Chairman-elect Frank Lucas, Okla., announced the new Republican members of the committee. The members are as follows: Bob Gibbs, OH; Martha Roby, AL; Scott Tipton, CA; Rick Crawford, AR; Chris Gibson, NY; Bobby Schilling, IL; Scott DesJarlais, TN; Vicky Hartzler, MO; Austin Scott, GA; Renee Elmers, NC; Tim Huelskamp, KS; Steve Southerland, FL; ... Read More »