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Prepare For Harvest Success

Know how to prepare equipment and keep it in top form for maximum harvest efficiency. Use the following checklists provided by Kelley Manufacturing Co. to prepare inverters for digging and combines for harvest before the season starts. Use the list of in-field adjustments to dial in equipment for your field conditions, and use the factors that result in peanut loss ... Read More »

Graders Seek Better System

The Georgia Federal Station Inspection Service has initiated a project with the goal of improving and enhancing grading equipment and procedures that have been in use for the past 70 years while continuing to achieve the same end result. Officials say they believe a more efficient and economical method for grading farmer-stock peanuts can be found. A committee of 10 ... Read More »

Shelling Plant Going Up In Georgia

Premium Peanut has announced plans to build a $50 million peanut shelling plant in Coffee County, Ga., that will employ 100 people. Coffee County Development Officials said that initial work has already begun on the 42-acre site on Barrington Road off Georgia Highway 32 west of Douglas, explains JoAnne Lewis, executive director Douglas-Coffee County Economic Development Authority. “A commitment of ... Read More »

Interesting Harvest Results

Peanuts will often do well if given the time to fully develop and then dug in a timely manner. By David Jordan, Extension Agronomist, North Carolina State University Peanuts are one of the most resilient crops grown in the United States and around the world. While there are some predictable characteristics of peanut in terms of maturity and its impact ... Read More »

News Briefs

Less Savings From Same Farm Bills The possibility of getting a five-year Farm Bill passed just got harder. A new Congressional Budget Office estimate says the amount of savings has changed since last summer and it is much less. The Senate bill savings estimate now stands at $13.1 billion over 10 years, not $23.1 billion. The House bill savings figure ... Read More »

Making Gains in Mississippi

More producers are adding peanuts to their rotations as new marketing opportunities open up. By Susan Collins-Smith, Mississippi State University Ag Communications Mississippi producers expect peanuts to remain a strong commodity in the years to come with a steady demand globally and new marketing opportunities locally. “The demand for peanuts will stay in place because of global economics and population,” ... Read More »

2011 Crop: A Very Mixed Bag

From surprisingly good yields to fields turned under, this year had it all. By Amanda Huber One of the most remembered skits from the old television variety show “Hee Haw” featured a little ditty with a line that went like this, “If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all.” That’s got to be the way many ... Read More »

Work Continues On Organic Production

Good yields can be achieved, but the lack of a certified organic sheller is a road block for the Southeast. With careful timing at planting and frequent mechanical cultivation during production, growing organic peanuts throughout the Southeast, although a challenge, is no longer impossible. Six years of on-farm research and university experiment station trials in Georgia and the Carolinas, funded ... Read More »

Feral Hogs: A Really Big Pest

Many approaches will be needed for this destructive porcine. By Amanda Huber The biggest pest in peanuts today may be, well, the biggest pest, literally. Feral hogs are causing millions of dollars in damages to agricultural crops across the peanut belt. Once a population is established, experts say eradication simply is not possible. Richard Petcher, regional agronomist with the Alabama ... Read More »