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Work Continues On Organic Production

Good yields can be achieved, but the lack of a certified organic sheller is a road block for the Southeast. With careful timing at planting and frequent mechanical cultivation during production, growing organic peanuts throughout the Southeast, although a challenge, is no longer impossible. Six years of on-farm research and university experiment station trials in Georgia and the Carolinas, funded ... Read More »

Feral Hogs: A Really Big Pest

Many approaches will be needed for this destructive porcine. By Amanda Huber The biggest pest in peanuts today may be, well, the biggest pest, literally. Feral hogs are causing millions of dollars in damages to agricultural crops across the peanut belt. Once a population is established, experts say eradication simply is not possible. Richard Petcher, regional agronomist with the Alabama ... Read More »

Pesticide Roundup

Belt Insecticide Now Available Peanut growers are aware of the significant role that armyworms, loopers, velvetbean caterpillar and the recent increase in heliothines and other hungry Lepidoptera species play in their fields. Collectively, they cause economic loss that university entomologists measure in millions. Now, peanut growers will have an additional control option this season with the introduction of Belt insecticide ... Read More »

Off To A Good Start

Inoculants are one key to achieving vigorous growth and maximum yield. BY AMANDA HUBER Valuable yields are waiting in each peanut seed. The yield potential of each seed is at its maximum when it is put into the ground. Decisions such as crop rotation and field selection help that seed reach its full potential. However, stresses such as disease pressure, ... Read More »