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Interesting Harvest Results

Peanuts will often do well if given the time to fully develop and then dug in a timely manner. By David Jordan, Extension Agronomist, North Carolina State University Peanuts are one of the most resilient crops grown in the United States and around the world. While there are some predictable characteristics of peanut in terms of maturity and its impact ... Read More »

New Products

VRI QuickStart Prescription Valley Irrigation introduces the addition of QuickStart (QS) prescription writing to its Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) product, allowing growers to customize water applications throughout their field. The Valley VRI Agronomy Team develops the one-time, custom QS prescription based on soil maps, aerial imagery, yield data and other relevant information about the field provided by the grower. When ... Read More »

Market Watch

No contract offers to encourage peanut planting By J. Tyron Spearman Contributing Editor Every peanut year is different. But 2013 is mounting to be the most unusual in the history of the peanut industry. Planting has begun in most regions without any signing of contracts, and never before has China been a prominent factor in the peanut market. Plus, it ... Read More »

News Briefs

Slow Progress On Farm Bill Senate Ag Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), and House Ag Chairman, Frank Lucas (R-OK), have said they would like to move versions of the Farm Bill this spring. In discussions, the sticking points are the commodity and nutrition programs. Sen. Stabenow says that the ag committee is having difficulties in finding agreement on the commodity ... Read More »

Planting Intentions

Not surprisingly after the huge crop of 2012 and the drop in prices, Planting Intentions as reported by producers to the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service are down considerably from last year. Based on the report, released at the end of March, growers intend to plant 1.19 million acres in 2013, down 27 percent from the ... Read More »

Market Watch

Cool weather late affects early planting decisions, crop acreages By J. Tyron Spearman Contributing Editor The U.S. peanut industry seems to be in a state of flux, waiting for markets to signal the next move. Farmers are poised to plant another peanut crop after Old Man Winter delivered water and filled reserves for a change, especially in the Southeast and ... Read More »

Market Watch

The peanut market: the good, the bad and the really big questions By J. Tyron Spearman Contributing Editor Contracts for peanuts are normally offered by shellers before the start of the New Year, and peanut producers can start their planning for the new season. Not this year. The industry seems to be in a holding pattern, hoping and praying that ... Read More »

News Briefs

Less Savings From Same Farm Bills The possibility of getting a five-year Farm Bill passed just got harder. A new Congressional Budget Office estimate says the amount of savings has changed since last summer and it is much less. The Senate bill savings estimate now stands at $13.1 billion over 10 years, not $23.1 billion. The House bill savings figure ... Read More »

Market Watch

Could exports whittle carry-over down to a manageable amount? By J. Tyron Spearman Contributing Editor Trends in the peanut world are certain to change the future. A record crop in 2012 of more than 3,400,000 tons has resulted in low prices at home and abroad. A drought in India last year, plus changes in their regulations, have brought Chinese buyers ... Read More »

Making Gains in Mississippi

More producers are adding peanuts to their rotations as new marketing opportunities open up. By Susan Collins-Smith, Mississippi State University Ag Communications Mississippi producers expect peanuts to remain a strong commodity in the years to come with a steady demand globally and new marketing opportunities locally. “The demand for peanuts will stay in place because of global economics and population,” ... Read More »