Friday, September 22, 2023

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Pesticides among discussions for May 24 Mid-South ‘Early Bird’ Session

⋅ BY DREW VIGUET ⋅ NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LAW CENTER Years of controversy, recent litigation and amended regulation of agricultural pesticides are changing and molding the farming...


Finding The Right Fit

It can take years of research to not only bring a fungicide to the market, but also to find how it will fit in...

Editor's Note

Looking For Something Better Than The Board

Indeterminate. As an adjective, it means uncertain in extent, amount or nature; not definite; inconclusive; unable to be predicted, calculated or deduced. Peanuts are...

Market Watch

A Wait-And-See Attitude Envelops The Market

Peanut producers experienced an unusually rough start in getting the crop in the ground. In the Southeast, dry and relatively cool temperatures caused peanuts...

Peanut Pointers

Peanut Pointers: July 2023

Scout Weekly To Adjust Plans Depending On Moisture Level We have received good precipitation through May, which has reduced drought intensity in the Southwest. However,...

Industry News

News Briefs: July 2023

USDA Announces 2023 Peanut Loan Rates U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation recently announced 2023-crop loan rates for four types of peanuts. The rates...

News Briefs: June 2023

News Briefs: May 2023

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