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The Race Against Leaf Spot

early leaf spot

Aggressive protection is needed as defoliation happens quickly. • By Amanda Huber • Have you ever watched an advanced level track event, such as the Olympic 100-meter dash? The athletes spend a lot of time warming up on the track, stretching, fixing the blocks, getting into their starting stance, and even at times standing up and starting the set-up process ... Read More »

No Rest For The Weary

amanda huber

The first workday after the time changed back to daylight savings, my husband came home and plopped down into his easy chair without saying a word. This was not his standard behavior. Usually, he comes in, greets me, maybe we talk a few minutes, and then he’s back out the door and off to the barn to work around the ... Read More »

Product News And An Online Tool

amanda huber

Virtual peanut production meetings are nearly complete in preparation for the 2021 planting season. Although this format is not good for stocking up on pens, pads, hats and the yearly rain gauge, it is still useful for relaying needed information to start the crop year. Here are a couple of news items I learned recently. The first is a useful ... Read More »

Surprising Seed Situation

seedlings plated

Effective seed treatments are critical to a good stand. In 2020, one treatment improved germination rates. • By Amanda Huber • The questionable seed quality going into the 2020 season was well known, given the problem with aflatoxin in 2019. What was discovered as seed labs conducted germination tests prior to 2020 planting was that the seed treatment would make ... Read More »

Valent Excalia Fungicide

valent excalia data

Peanut growers have a new defense against white mold with Excalia fungicide from Valent U.S.A. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted federal registration of Excalia, which offers white mold control even under heavy pressure, to help growers prevent the yield loss this difficult disease can cause. According to the most recent Georgia plant disease loss estimate by the University of ... Read More »

Rains Amplify Pod Rot Issues

pod rot symptoms

Adequate calcium helps protect pods from pathogens. Late this season, Florida peanut producers saw an increase in pod rot disease. It’s little wonder given the number of tropical storms and hurricanes. In early June, Tropical Storm Cristobal provided torrential rainfall, followed by even more showers for a total of 18 to 22 inches within a week’s time in some locations. ... Read More »

Crop Wrap-Up

Seed quality sets the tone for season-long effects in the Southeast. • By Amanda Huber, Editor • The Southeast crop seemed to be fated from the start. A drought in late-season 2019 meant that seed peanuts would likely have germination problems. Testing in the seed lab over the winter confirmed this speculation. The difficulty getting a good stand of peanuts ... Read More »

UGA Southeast REC hosts annual field day online Aug. 12

university of georgia field day

University of Georgia faculty will share the latest research on cotton, soybeans, corn and other southeast Georgia crops during the annual Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center Field Day held online Aug. 12. Research and Extension faculty will present current research conducted at the Midville facility to include agronomic, pest and disease management of row crops as well as plant ... Read More »

A Tribute to Dr. Barbara Shew

barbara shew

NCSU Research And Extension Plant Pathologist A Voice Of Accuracy And Precision • By David Jordan • This fall, Dr. Barbara Shew will retire after many years of contributions to the peanut industry. Her work has encompassed the core components of the land-grant system — Extension, research and teaching — and in doing so, she has touched the lives of ... Read More »