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Surveys Indicate Similar Or Slight Reduction In Peanut Acres

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Trading in the U.S. market is relatively quiet with movement only on small quantities as buyers take a wait-and-see attitude toward the new crop. A planting intentions report was due at the end of March. Farmers holding out on contracting were looking at both cotton and corn to compete for those peanut acres in 2021. This bit of leverage may ... Read More »

Defining IPM

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As we move into the season, we often think in terms of preventive treatments versus reactive treatments to address agronomic issues and pests. In reality, we use both approaches. This is in part based on logistical constraints and the ability to be timely with inputs to correct a problem. We also may need to incorporate effective practices that prevent or ... Read More »

USDA forecasts 2% dip in planted peanut acreage for 2021

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service expects the nation’s peanut growers to plant about 1.63 million acres in 2021, down 2% from 2020 but 13% above 2019. That’s according to its perspective plantings report released March 30. The estimates are based on grower surveys conducted earlier this year where USDA asked them to estimate the number of ... Read More »

Wait For It

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Warmer soil temperatures offer the best possible start for your seed investment. • By Amanda Huber • The University of Georgia recommends waiting to plant until a soil temperature at the 4-inch depth reaches 68 degrees Fahrenheit for three consecutive days with favorable conditions forecast for the next 72 hours. Most other states use a 65-degree recommendation, but agree that ... Read More »

Focus On Positive Variety Attributes

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Last month’s issue of The Peanut Grower focused on varieties. With it and all the online resources available showing the variety trials from around the states, you have a lot of information to look at. You should look at trials that are near you, but I would also look at other locations to see if those varieties performed the same ... Read More »

Ready, Set, March

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Growers gear up for planting and hope for fewer hurricanes in 2021. As the 2020 crop fades into the books, growers are preparing for what’s next. For peanuts, that means looking forward with an eye on the past. “We put our peanut planter in the shop the second week of February and started our regular pre-plant cleaning and maintenance program ... Read More »

Before you plant, consider these 5 factors that affect soil temperature

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Spring is more than a season when it comes to row crop production. Peanut producers consider many factors before planting, but soil temperature is one of the most important factors on the radar. Factors Kris Balkcom, an Alabama Extension peanut agronomist, said there are five important environmental conditions directly affecting soil temperature. Planting timing varies based on the area of ... Read More »

High Priorities This Month

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There are several key issues to address in May. The first is establishing an adequate stand of five plants per foot of row and then protecting those plants from stresses early in the season. Peanuts are resilient and can survive even under difficult conditions. As long as peanut seed has good germination and is treated with a fungicide, we generally ... Read More »

Planting Intentions

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The year started with dire warnings about an increase in virus — tomato spotted wilt virus. “Last year, TSWV made a comeback in Southeastern peanuts after a 10-year hiatus,” says Barry Tillman, University of Florida peanut breeder, in a recent blog post. “The last time we had appreciable spotted wilt in peanuts at the UF-IFAS research station in Marianna was ... Read More »

USDA forecasts slight increase in peanut plantings this season

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Peanut growers say they plan to plant nearly 1.53 million acres this season, up 7% from the 1.42 million acres planted in 2019, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recently released Planting Intentions Report. Growers in nearly every peanut-producing state are expected to increase acreage slightly except for Oklahoma, where they are expected to decrease plantings to 12,000 acres, ... Read More »