Good News Can Be Found

amanda huber
Amanda Huber,
Peanut Grower Editor

As best I can, I’m an optimist. I look for the silver lining in clouds, make lemonade from lemons when possible and always count my blessings one by one. But the truth is, this situation of sheltering in place doesn’t change what I do nearly as much as it does many people.

I have been working from home since becoming editor of Peanut Grower. That’s more than 20 years. The way I look at it, I’ve been self-quarantining for 7,000-plus days. Yes, it’s a little different, but others are far more affected by the situation than I am.

Thankfully, I can continue to work writing about peanuts and cotton for Cotton Farming, editing Peanut Grower and its sister publication, Rice Farming, plus putting out digital enewsletters for Peanut Grower and Corn South.

I can also be thankful as to the timing of this call to avoid public gatherings. Most winter and spring meetings were completed, and I have plenty of notes to carry me through the next several editions. Hopefully, you attended one of those meetings as well and have begun preparing to plant as normal.

Here’s a silver lining for the peanut industry. With much of the country staying at home eating in, more peanuts and peanut butter will be consumed. This will help take up any surplus from the last big crop and move a lot of product. Consumption numbers will increase from this event.

Here are a few other silver linings to the current stay-at-home situation:

► Gas prices have declined.

► My daughter is home to greet the dogs every morning.

► There’s a newfound respect for teachers as parents learn the travails of homeschooling.

► I don’t have to make excuses for not attending big gatherings.

► Drive-in church is cool!

I know things are likely to get tougher before they get better, but I will continue to look for the blessings. I hope you find some as well. So, go ahead life, bring on the lemons. I’ve got my juicer ready!

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