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amanda huber
Amanda Huber,
Peanut Grower Editor

Some unique job opportunities are currently available in the peanut industry. In case you are contemplating a change in employment, I will offer information on two possibilities.

First, the top position of the National Peanut Board, that of president and CEO, will soon be open as Bob Parker has informed the board of his retirement. Parker’s tenure at NPB spans 10 years and his career in peanuts, a total of 47 years. 

Parker is the second CEO of the NPB after Raffaela Marie Fenn. During Parker’s stint, NPB celebrated a number of industry achievements, including record per capita peanut consumption and significant progress in the treatment and prevention of peanut allergies, including federal guidelines for the introduction of peanut to infants to help prevent peanut allergy. 

Bob’s shoes will be hard to fill with the NPB, but if you feel up to it, an executive search firm is taking resumes. However, you may prefer a job that is always on the go and includes a lot of fun times with the general public even more than an NPB executive. If so, this next opportunity may fit the bill.

The Hormel Foods Corporation is looking for a crew for the iconic Planters NUTmobile! That’s right. You would be traveling around the country in style. That is, in the style of a 26-foot-long peanut. 

The Austin-based food manufacturer is looking to hire three people to drive the Planters NUTmobile vehicle across the United States, creating a positive brand experience for all direct consumer interactions, documenting and brainstorming creative content for the vehicle’s social media channels, while enthusiastically generating positive brand awareness for Hormel Foods.

Hormel says the NUTmobile crew will conduct 200 promotional events during the full-time, one-year tour. Apply at Hormel Foods. 

If neither of these opportunities sounds right for you and you plan to stick with peanut farming, The Peanut Grower has that covered, too. This edition contains our annual variety guide so that you can study trial data and variety descriptions in anticipation of seed purchase and planting a few months from now. 

Unless you decide to rev up the peanut mobile on a cross-country tour, maybe I’ll see you at some of the winter production meetings.

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