Apply For An Aldicarb Permit Early

New guidelines help Florida peanut and cotton producers obtain a permit to use AgLogic 15GG. 


esticide application is one of the primary ways to treat plant-parasitic nematodes and insects, and AgLogic 15GG is one of the available options for use in cotton and peanut. Aldicarb is the active ingredient in AgLogic 15GG and is the same active ingredient contained in the discontinued Temik products. 

To apply aldicarb products in Florida, which is only labelled for the two row crops, an aldicarb permit must be obtained. In past years, there has been confusion about obtaining this permit, so a new UF/IFAS publication, “How To Obtain An Aldicarb Application Permit For Florida Cotton Or Peanut,” was developed to guide applicators through this process. 

This field shows damage from peanut root-knot nematode. AgLogic 15GG is one of the options available to treat this yield-robbing pest.

Detailed instructions are provided in the publication, but some important points are summarized here:

1. Plan early to obtain an aldicarb application permit.

A permit can be found at and must be obtained before aldicarb is applied. It can be obtained up to six months before application. A unique permit for each field site where aldicarb will be applied must be obtained each year. Aldicarb is a restricted-use pesticide, and only pesticide applicators registered in Florida can apply to obtain a permit. Processing times may vary, so submit an application to obtain the permit as early in the year as possible for each field where you intend to apply aldicarb.

2. Complete the aldicarb application permit form accurately and carefully.

Incorrect or missing information in the permit form delays processing, so complete the form carefully and completely. The UF EDIS guide describes in detail how to complete the form, including parts where there are common questions or issues. In addition, starting this year, all aldicarb permit forms are being directed through AgLogic Chemical Company representatives before approval by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. AgLogic representatives will help ensure the form is completed accurately, speeding the approval process, and will also be in contact with the grower/applicator to facilitate aldicarb application and stewardship.

3. Follow the latest rules, especially the product label, when completing the application.

Some instructions, titles and websites are specific to the discontinued Temik products, but FDACS is working to update the aldicarb permit form. See detailed guidance in the EDIS article. When listing drinking well information, follow the latest label instructions to determine appropriate setbacks. The pesticide permit website is no longer operational. See next section for contact information.

4. Submit the aldicarb form by email for fastest processing times.

Once the form is completed, submit by email to or The form may be submitted as a paper copy (see address in publication), but submitting by email shortens processing time. For questions about the aldicarb application permitting process after reading the publication, contact the authors of the article, FDACS or the AgLogic Chemical company.

“How To Obtain An Aldicarb Application Permit For Florida Cotton Or Peanut” can be found at For more information on managing plant-parasitic nematodes or insect pests, see the UF/IFAS guides for cotton and peanut. PG

Article by Zane Grabau, field crop nematology Assistant Professor at the University of Florida.

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