Saturday, June 15, 2024

New Vault Liquid Inoculant With Biofungicide

For the 2024 season, BASF Agricultural Solutions announces the introduction of Vault Peanut Liquid Inoculant and Velondis Plus Biofungicide for enhanced peanut performance.

Paul Klemme, BASF product manager for inoculants and biologicals says, Vault Peanut Liquid and Velondis Plus Biofungicide provides growers maximum yield potential by improving nodulation with a highly effective Bradyrhizobium sp. that’s produced fresh for each season.

“This three-way biological combines two Environmental Protection Agency registered biofungicides with an inoculant to enhance root vigor, boost nutrient uptake and suppress Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rot.

“Biofungicides live and grow on the roots to extend protection beyond the initial fungicide treatment, giving growers the peace of mind knowing they did everything they could to give their plants the best start. Not only do they offer that additional layer of protection, but by supporting roots in maximizing their water and nutrient uptake, biologicals aid in establishing a vigorous, healthy root system.”

Klemme says the biofungicides produce a beneficial biofilm and antimicrobial components promoting induced systemic resistance within the plant, which acts like a glue to form soil aggregates that retain more water in their pores.

“This is how they get that additional yield potential in stressful or drought conditions, making more water available and increasing the time for the plant to metabolically adjust to the drought stress,” he says.

When combined, the modes of action of the three biologicals can contribute to complementary activity with certain chemical seed treatments, resulting in increased and more uniform field performance. Both biofungicide active components grow along the developing root system and can extend the window of disease protection longer into the growing season. The plants produce a more mature peg development, often resulting in more uniform stands, improved plant growth and greater yield potential.

To learn more about this product, visit or talk to your local BASF Agronomic Solutions Advisor. PG

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