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Trimble Enhances Irrigate-IQ

Trimble has launched a new fully scalable version of its Irrigate- IQ precision irrigation solution that also works with a wide range of irrigation equipment. Growers can now affordably purchase a basic system to remotely monitor and control their pivots. As their irrigation needs grow and evolve, they can upgrade to partial or full variable-rate irrigation (VRI) capabilities using the same base hardware.

In addition to integrating with computerized pivot control panels, the Irrigate-IQ solution is compatible with basic control panels from several manufacturers. As a result, the Irrigate- IQ solution can be used on the majority of pivots currently installed in North America.

With the Irrigate-IQ solution, growers can remotely monitor and control their pivots via Trimble’s Connected Farm using their desktop, mobile devices or Trimble’s TMX-2050 display. For example, if a weather event occurs, growers can react to what is happening in the field in real time and turn their pivots off or turn down the application depth in order to apply the proper input amount as well as save time and fuel costs by eliminating the need to drive to each field daily and manually control each pivot.

Growers using VRI capabilities of Irrigate-IQ can also benefit from minimized nutrient and chemical runoff because the solution allows them to apply the right amount of water, fertigation or effluent in the right place.

To learn more about Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ solution, visit:

Helena Introduces Receptor Plant Growth Regulator

Helena Chemical Company introduces Receptor, an EPA-registered plant growth regulator. As an advanced nutrient catalyst, it is labeled for increased fertilizer uptake and efficiency. It features a unique combination of three well-known plant growth regulators – IBA, gibberellic acid and kinetin. When applied with liquid fertilizers, Receptor enhances root system development and contributes to a stronger, faster-growing plant. This results in increased nutrient and moisture uptake, which can improve tolerance of early season growing stresses. Receptor also works well with dry granular fertilizer.

HelenaThree years of field research has shown that Receptor provides specific and unique benefits when blended with many fertilizer elements, either separately or together. With nitrogen, Receptor reduces nitrate leaching and increases plant uptake, while buffering the effects of salts. With phosphorus, or phosphorous blends, Receptor increases availability by protecting phosphorus from binding with calcium, aluminum and iron. Receptor can also solubilize soil-bound phosphorus and buffer the salt effects of starter fertilizers. Receptor can be applied at low use rates on a variety and wide range of plant species and grasses with liquid fertilizers and plant nutritional products.

For more information and availability by state, contact a Helena representative or visit

AgSense Combines Control And Monitoring

AgSense, LLC, specialists in remotely managed pivot hardware and software, announced its release of the Field Commander Ultimate precision irrigation package. The package combines the industry’s most installed controller, the Field Commander, with AgSense Crop Link telemetry units and is available through AgSense’s worldwide distribution and irrigation dealer network.

AgSenseThe affordable package provides unmatched versatility in remote monitoring and management of virtually all irrigation equipment, regardless of brand, age or current capabilities.

The Field Commander Ultimate package allows growers to remotely monitor and precisely control center pivots and pumps, along with monitoring flow, pressure and weather. Capabilities include variable-rate irrigation and custom prescription programming by growers or their agronomists. Soil moisture can also be added by adding the AgSense Aqua Trac Pro or Aqua Trac Lite soil moisture monitoring device.

For more information, visit or contact an AgSense dealer.

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