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Verdesian Renews Focus

verdesian logoVerdesian Life Sciences new mission statement focuses on the grower customer and is supported by the core values that guide the behavior of all Verdesian team members.

The new mission statement reads: At Verdesian Life Sciences, we enable a sustainable future for farmers through nutrient-use efficiency.

“Growers are deeply committed to greater sustainable efficiency and less waste in nutrient use, while growing healthier, more robust crops,” says Paul Beck, VP of Global Marketing at Verdesian.

New products from Verdesian include the following:

• Take Off LS – A nitrogen utilization and carbon assimilation technology that optimizes efficient plant nutrient acquisition

• Avail HV – A phosphorus efficiency technology for high volume fertilizer applications designed to provide better nutrient access during early plant development

• MicroSync – A micronutrient and sulfur technology designed to improve micronutrient efficiency and soil fertility programs in row crops and vegetables

• FlexConnect – An inoculant applicator technology designed to reduce waste and cross contamination and improve efficiency when mixing inoculant products

Further information about Verdesian is available at


Helmstar Plus SC Fungicide

helmstar SCHelmstar Plus SC offers simultaneous movement of preventative and curative activity within the plant. It will quickly knock down diseases and provide a residual barrier inhibiting any newly forming diseases from occurring. Containing both tebuconazole and azoxystrobin, Helmstar Plus SC is labeled for control of the most important plant diseases in peanuts.

Both active ingredients provide systemic activity, with one moving upward, while the other is fully mobile in the plant. One active ingredient stays present in the cuticle, providing very strong spore control. The other is readily absorbed by the fungi.

The two active ingredients offer protection across several disease life-cycle stages and reduce the potential for resistant fungi to develop.

In peanuts, Helmstar fungicide offers activity against southern stem rot (white mold), Rhizotonia limb rot, leaf spot and rust. At a rate of 13 ounces per acre, Helmstar Plus SC is applied at 35 to 40 days after planting.

In recent field trials, Helmstar Plus SC performed equal to or better than leading triazole and chlorothalonil fungicides. All products included in the studies were applied according to label guidelines under a four-spray (four block) white mold disease management program.

Helmstar Plus SC is also approved for use in corn, soybeans, barley, wheat and pecans.

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Introducing ProfilerPlus

Do you know how thirsty your plants are? A new product from Servi-Tech can tell you that and more about your fields. ProfilerPlus is a soil moisture monitoring system that can provide real-time access to your field data, including information on when to irrigate your fields. It is a platform to get intelligence off of a field and into a grower’s hands.

“Using a hand probe throughout the season is still a valid way to get a snapshot of your soil moisture in the field,” said Austin Bontrager, Agronomic Support Specialist for Servi-Tech. “But ProfilerPlus is able to constantly keep an eye on your soil moisture, day and night. It can give you up to the hour information and even send you an alert if it’s time to turn on the pivot.”

Some key benefits of ProfilerPlus include:

• Multiple soil moisture locations in each field

• Quick and simple installation

• Three-year lease with no equipment to own

• Expandable with other sensors including our wireless rain station

When investing in ProfilerPlus, a grower can quickly and easily check on their fields using a computer or smartphone. A grower can view rain and irrigation events; soil temperature; the soil moisture profile in percent field capacity, inches depleted, and plant available water; and much more.

For more information about ProfilerPlus, contact Servi-Tech at 620-801-4158 or visit

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