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New Products

TeeJet SpraySelect App

TeeJet Technologies is pleased to offer growers and custom applicators a new tool for simplifying their spraying operations. The SpraySelect mobile app allows the user to quickly and easily choose the proper spray tip for a given application. Just enter speed, tip spacing and target rate, select your droplet size category and a list of recommended tips is provided. Specific gravity input is also included for use when applying liquid fertilizers.

With the increasing number of crop protection products available and greater number of applications being made, proper tip selection and droplet size management is more important than ever.

This app should be a valuable, time-saving tool for users.

SpraySelect supports US and Metric units along with six languages – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Russian. It is available at no cost for both Apple and Android devices. To download, visit the app store and search for “TeeJet.”

For more information on this and other products, go to www.teejet.com.


JumpStart Phosphate Inoculant

Novozymes and Syngenta recently announced a global agreement under which Syngenta will work with Novozymes to commercialize JumpStart technology, a seed-applied biological that increases phosphate solubilization in the soil.

Phosphorus is an essential macronutrient for the healthy growth of young plants. JumpStart is based on a unique fungus, Penicillium bilaii, which increases phosphate solubilization for uptake into the plant through the root system.

JumpStart is a phosphate inoculant that grows along the root making more soil and fertilizer phosphate available to the plant to deliver healthier crops and higher net returns. JumpStart is available for corn, canola, wheat, legumes and other crops.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.novozymes.com.


New Fungicides From BASF

BASF has announced the full U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration of Priaxor fungicide and Merivon fungicide.

Priaxor provides disease protection and post-infection disease control from some of the toughest fungal diseases in soybeans. Merivon will do the same in several pome and stone fruit crops, including apples, cherries and peaches.

Priaxor is a 2:1 premix fungicide containing F500, the same active ingredient as Headline fungicide, and Xemium fungicide, a new active ingredient in the carboxamide family, providing a new mode of action in row crops.

From 2009 through 2011, soybeans treated with Priaxor showed nearly 17 percent less severity of Septoria brown spot compared to untreated soybean acres. In more than 75 trials conducted by BASF in 2010 and 2011, Priaxor-treated soybeans had higher yields than untreated acres 87 percent of the time. In comparison, the current leader in the soybean market, Headline, out-yielded untreated checks 83 percent of the time.

Priaxor has also shown effective disease control in corn, controlling several yield-robbing diseases including Northern and Southern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and common rust.

To learn more about these fungicides, visit www.Planet-Xemium.basf.us.


Soybean Yield Increase Guarantee

Chemtura AgroSolutions guarantees increased soybean yield when farmers use Dimilin 2L insect growth regulator. Dimilin helps effectively set more pods and increase seeds in pods when applied during the R3 soybean growth stage, resulting in a yield boost and increased profits. Chemtura AgroSolutions guarantees this or will cover the cost of application.

When applied in conjunction with a fungicide, yields are enhanced further by improving the health of the soybean plant. Both products should be applied at the same critical R3 growth stage. Application timing is key for yield enhancement, according to Keith Griffith, Chemtura AgroSolutions technical representative.

Researchers have seen yield improvements in nearly 80 percent of their trials.

Dimilin is effective on several key pests because it disrupts chitin development and costs about $4 per acre. Using standard spray equipment, it can be tankmixed with fungicides as well as most adjuvants, liquid fertilizers and pesticides.

For information, visit www.ChemturaAgroSolutions.com/us or email Keith Griffith at keith.griffith@chemtura.com.

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