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New Crops For Topguard Fungicide

Cheminova announces additional crop registrations for Topguard, a broad-spectrum triazole fungicide.Topguard fungicide’s row crop registration has been expanded to include peanuts, soybeans, field corn, field corn grown for seed, popcorn and sugar beets.

The Topguard fungicide specialty crop label has been expanded also. It now includes pome fruit – apple, crabapple, loquat and quince as well as stone fruit – sweet cherry, tart cherry, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, Chicksaw plum, Damson plum, Japanese plum and prune.

Topguard is a fungicide with curative and preventive properties. Its unique chemistry makes Topguard, with the active ingredient flutriafol, an excellent choice to prevent fungicide resistance and handle tough diseases not effectively controlled by other chemistry.

Producers should consult their local crop protection dealer to learn more about Topguard fungicide. Topguard is a registered trademark of Cheminova, Inc.


AutoFarm Introduces GeoSteer

AutoFarm recently introduced the latest addition to its industry-leading autosteering portfolio called GeoSteer.

AutoFarm is proud to offer a single antenna product, GeoSteer, to complement its dual antenna system, ParaDyme. With the addition of GeoSteer to its steering family, AutoFarm provides solutions that not only demand premier performance but also offer great value to producers.

GeoSteer is compatible with a full range of field applications from tillage to planting, crop spraying and harvesting. Available at all levels of accuracy, GeoSteer is easily upgradeable from WAAS/EGNOS to OmniSTAR or RTK configuration. Integrated cell modem for remote real-time service and NTRIP enables diverse communication modes. Interface support for hydraulic, CAN, mechanical and steer-ready vehicles makes GeoSteer compatible with most leading agriculture platforms.

More information on AutoFarm’s GeoSteer can be found on their Web site at


New Features On Axial-Flow Combines
Case IH has unveiled new features on its legendary Axial-Flow combines for 2013, including a redesigned cab and a new folding auger with an industry-exclusive pivoting spout option.

Guided by input from producers and operators, Case IH has taken the largest and quietest cab in the industry for largemodel combines and made it even better.

Features of the new cab include a slim Multifunction Propulsion Handle, redesigned with controls within a finger’s reach. It contains an upgraded right-hand console with simple ergonomic controls and slide rail that allows for adjustment of the display, placement of a cup-holder and office tools. Multiple convenient storage locations have been added featuring brushed-chrome styling.

Operators can stay tuned in and connected on the go with an iPod plug-in, and a training seat opens to a convenient, portable electric refrigerator to keep food and drinks cool. Leg and foot room has been added and a red leather luxury cab seat option is available for comfort during long harvest days and nights.

All models use the state-of-the-art AFS Pro 700 display for yield monitoring and machine and guidance control in the cab. The AFS Pro 700 is compatible with all Case IH equipment and can be easily transferred to your tractor cab for planter control and later to your sprayer to control your application maps.

Making on-the-go unloading more comfortable and safer as header width sizes continue to increase, Case IH has added new options to its auger offerings: a 28-foot-9-inch auger that folds at a 90- degree angle and a 34- foot auger that folds at a 135-degree angle.

In addition, operators can now control a pivoting grain spout with the Multifunction Propulsion Handle, adjusting the flow of grain up to three feet without changing the speed of the grain cart or combine. In combination with the independent cross-auger control launched last year, producers will have more flexibility during the challenging grain cart fill process.

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