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Troubleshooting Soil Fertility Problems

peanut field with pH problem

Follow the recommendations, keep soil pH in the proper range and know what to look for when problems arise. • By Amanda Huber • Soil is a living ecosystem and is a farmer’s most precious asset. A farmer’s productive capacity is directly related to the health of his or her soil — that’s a quote by Howard Warren Buffett, farmer ... Read More »

Never Leave Peanuts Unprotected

spot disease

July brings a series of decisions that are generally associated with disease management. While herbicides will need to be applied in some fields and there could be outbreaks of foliar-feeding insects (hopefully not spider mites), the key to optimizing yield will be timely applications of effective fungicides. Starting fungicide sprays at the R3 stage of peanut development is the general ... Read More »

Calcium Reminders

Soon after emergence of the peanut crop, soil samples should be taken from the pegging zone, or the top three to four inches of soil, so that calcium needs can be determined. Glen Harris, University of Georgia Extension soil fertility specialist, continues to advise producers about the need for more calcium on large-seeded runners and other questions that the change ... Read More »

Calcium is King

Timely application of calcium is critical for large-seeded peanuts. For as long as Clarkton, N.C., peanut grower Dan Ward can remember, timely application of land plaster has been a family tradition that is key to profitability. “We apply a ton to the acre before the plants get too big, which could damage them,” says Ward, who grows large-seeded Virginia peanuts ... Read More »