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Protect the program, market with a reasonable acreage increase

The peanut stage is set. Producers across America have studied the 2014 Farm Bill, selected their coverage options and worked to establish the facts they’ll work by. Federal Crop Insurance has been improved for peanuts, and agents have worked to sell their plans to farmers. Seed has been ordered, and Mother Nature has supplied mostly good winter rains and offered ... Read More »


• June 13-17 – USA Peanut Congress, Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, N.C. For reservations, call 800-438-5800 and reference “USA Peanut Congress.” The deadline for reservations in the room block is May 13. For more information on reservations or meeting registration, go to www.peanut-shellers.org. • July 9 – Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day, at the Darrell Williams Research Farm, on ... Read More »

Payment Limitations Will Affect Larger Producers

The real peanut market has been quiet as industry players strive to determine their future in the U.S. peanut business. Farmers have been studying the new Market Assistance Loan program and the new rules that were issued from the 2014 Farm Bill. USDA has done an excellent job in interpreting the new Farm Bill and smoothing out the explanations so ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

JASON WOODWARD Texas Agri-Life Extension Plant Pathologist Foundation For Weed Control Since first being identified in 2011, the incidence of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth or pigweed in the High Plains of Texas has steadily increased. Weed management in peanut affords producers the opportunity to use additional herbicide modes of action to manage herbicide-resistant weeds. In general, dinotroaniline or “yellow” herbicides, such ... Read More »

Shelling Plant Going Up In Georgia

Premium Peanut has announced plans to build a $50 million peanut shelling plant in Coffee County, Ga., that will employ 100 people. Coffee County Development Officials said that initial work has already begun on the 42-acre site on Barrington Road off Georgia Highway 32 west of Douglas, explains JoAnne Lewis, executive director Douglas-Coffee County Economic Development Authority. “A commitment of ... Read More »

Producers need a profitable rotation partner for peanuts

J. Tyron spearman

The U.S. peanut market wants to grow and expand, but the market's dynamics seem to have adjusted to one step forward and two steps back. The industry tries to minimize risks, but many unknowns have all segments nervous, and answers are needed so a true, fair market can prevail. Lots of questions remain to be answered on the 2014 crop. How has drought impacted quantity and quality in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina where 80 percent of the peanuts are grown? How bad will aflatoxin be? Can U.S. peanuts meet European Union quality requirements and keep that momentum? Blanching capacity is maxed out and on-time delivery may be a problem. The logistics of keeping good quality irrigated peanuts separate from dryland peanuts is a challenge at the buying point and sheller. Another unknown is farmer-stock contracts. Today, peanut contracts are a mystifying dilemma. The shellers are trying to find a balance...buy a reasonable supply of peanuts at a reasonable price for their customers while keeping the farmer profitable. Read More »

News Briefs

Slow Progress On Farm Bill Senate Ag Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), and House Ag Chairman, Frank Lucas (R-OK), have said they would like to move versions of the Farm Bill this spring. In discussions, the sticking points are the commodity and nutrition programs. Sen. Stabenow says that the ag committee is having difficulties in finding agreement on the commodity ... Read More »

Hope for a more modest increase than USDA’s acreage estimate

J. Tyron spearman

Uncertainty in the peanut market created by the Farm Bill and the lack of profitable alternatives has peanut farmers worried about the future and where the industry is headed. USDA further doomed market potential by estimating that U.S. peanut acreage would rebound by 29 percent this year, up 309,000 acres, to nearly 1.4 million acres. Most states held acreage to ... Read More »

Acreage should remain the same for any hope of reducing supply

The approval of the Farm Bill by the House and Senate and with the President’s signature will eventually, and hopefully, eliminate some uncertainty in the industry and help make peanut markets more transparent to the grower. However, writing about it at this time is difficult because rules and regulations are not finalized. Early comments from the grower leadership have been ... Read More »