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Although Valor SX Injury Can Be Worrisome, It Typically Is Fleeting

valor SX injury on peanuts
Valor SX injury on peanuts — photo courtesy NCSU Extension

This image provides a visual of injury from Valor SX in peanut. The greatest injury potential is when rain occurs as peanuts are emerging, especially intense rain that causes splashing of herbicide onto leaves.

While the injury can be alarming, in my experience the injury is transient and peanuts recover quickly. Even when injury is considered excessive, the injury most often does not negatively affect yield.

With that said, make sure peanuts are not experiencing stress from thrips feeding while they recover, and use caution when applying paraquat if Valor SX injury is obvious.

Once peanuts recover, any of the herbicides used POST in peanuts can be applied. I have been to fields with significant injury from Valor SX, and when I have gone back 7-10 days later I often think I am in a different field – peanuts generally recover quickly from Valor SX.

As with any crop stress, if you can bring yourself to look at the field less frequently you will feel much better (this last part might be considered unsolicited advice.)

North Carolina State University Extension contributed this article

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