An Uphill Climb

For decades, Thimet has provided peanut farmers consistent, reliable thrips control under variable weather conditions. With new products continually being introduced, recent research shows Thimet is still the product that provides consistent control of thrips, aiding in additional yield with a positive return on investment.
ThimetBased on independent, academic research conducted by scientists at multiple universities during the summer of 2015, Thimet had a higher return on investment than some of its competitors. The lower cost-per-acre of Thimet — around $15.75 per acre — along with a yield of 6,007 pounds per acre resulted in a return on investment of $5 for every dollar spent.

Ned French, AMVAC product development manager for the southern region, facilitated the research studies.

“Data from 15 university trials across the peanut-growing region has shown that Thimet continues to average lower thrips damage ratings compared with Velum Total, Admire Pro and CruiserMaxx, as well as untreated peanuts. The damage ratings collected during the trials show Thimet outperformed CruiserMaxx in 14 of the 15 studies,” French says. “The combination of reduced thrips damage ratings and a substantial boost in peanut yield give producers a positive return on their investment.”
Thimet has proven over the years to be effective in a variety of weather conditions and continues to be a proven and reliable choice for peanut growers.

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