New Up-Top Plate For Spinner

Nelson Irrigation has added a new plate to the Spinner product offering that gives irrigators another up-top option for center-pivot irrigation. Nelson’s Pivot Spinner is known as a low-pressure alternative to fixed sprayheads, providing higher uniformity with better overlap and lower application rates.

NewProduct42-16The Lime Plate was engineered for up-top usage and gives the Spinner increased throw with minimal crop interference. Many irrigators prefer the Spinner’s unique droplet characteristics. The pressure range for the Lime Plate is 6-15 pounds per square inch (0.4-1.0 bar). At 6 psi, the minimum nozzle size is a #24 nozzle. At 10 and 15 psi, the minimum nozzle size is a #14. Nelson recommends using a 10 psi pressure regulator.

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Windfighter – Rotator Technology

With its famous wind-fighting ability, the R2000WF is outperforming other row-crop sprinklers. It’s achieving better germination and higher uniformity. Gentle droplets reduce sanding and promote establishment.

The R2000WF’s highly engineered stream rotates at an optimal speed, and since there is no drive arm creating splash, there is no excess water around the riser. The Mini Drain Check option makes sure there is no drooling on start-up or shutdown — the sprinkler is on at 35 pounds per square inch and off at 35 psi, which eliminates any marking on the seed beds. Use the Part Circle R2000WF (with road guard) for high uniformity all the way to the edge of the field. Orange color differentiates it from in-field sprinklers.

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