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Celebrating 25 Years

11-13PGcvrBy Amanda Huber

I think of myself as a confident and determined person who is willing to work hard to get the job done. Yet, I cannot imagine having stepped out on sheer faith to start The Peanut Grower like Cathy Andrews Kvien did 25 years ago. I still marvel at what it took to create this magazine and make it a success. It has been a joy to work on this 25th Anniversary issue.

Helping us celebrate this momentous occasion are some folks that have been around for all or most of these 25 years. Craig Kvien talks about what made Cathy leave her corporate job to return to the South and start a peanut production magazine. Tyron Spearman, co-founder of the magazine, pulls double duty by giving his usual Market Watch report and by reminiscing about the challenges of writing about the peanut market for the past 25 years, challenges of which are still present today.

Retired Professor Emeritus, John Baldwin, recounts some of the technological advances of the last 25 years, which have really changed peanut production over what seems now to be a short period of time.

John Beasley, University of Georgia Extension agronomist, gives us a look at the changes in the UGA peanut team over the last 25 years. It is bittersweet that we accept this tribute to his colleagues, both current and former, and yet fitting as this will be Dr. Beasley’s last article in Peanut Grower before leaving UGA to go to Auburn in an administration position. He has been on the editorial board for the entirety of the magazine and we will greatly miss his monthly input.

A special “thank you” also goes out to all of the peanut industry businesses, associations and farms who bought the congratulatory ads to help us commemorate the 25th Anniversary. Your contributions and well wishes are greatly appreciated by Peanut Grower and Peanut Proud, who will receive a portion of the ad revenue. See the article on page 23 for the list of advertisers and look for their ads throughout the magazine.

Finally, a big, big “thank you” goes out to all peanut producers. It is only because you are still reading that we are still here putting out the best marketing and production information possible. I hope you enjoy the tributes, remembrances and a look at past issue covers since Peanut Grower began 25 years ago. And while you are doing that, I will start working on the next 25 years. PG

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