Amadas Industries Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

11-13PGcvrAs The Peanut Grower celebrates 25 years in the industry, Amadas Industries is proudly celebrating 50 Years of Innovation as a global leader in the manufacture of advanced harvest systems for peanuts. Amadas Industries builds a full portfolio of peanut harvesting equipment, including the world’s largest self-propelled peanut combine.

A Start In Peanuts
Oliver K. Hobbs and J. Carlie Adams originally founded the company in 1963 as Hobbs-Adams Engineering. The company’s first product was a unique peanut digger, and in 1967, the first two-row peanut combine was introduced.

The exporting of equipment began in 1963 and has been an important part of the business, growing significantly in the 1970s and ‘80s.

In 1988, at the time of their 25th anniversary, co-founder Oliver Hobbs retired and the company evolved from a family name to an acronym that communicated key company values: Amadas stands for American Manufactured, Advanced Design and Absolute Service.

Advanced Innovation
Amadas has spent 50 years providing advanced technology of agricultural equipment. They set the bar for the peanut industry with the introduction of the highcapacity four-row peanut combine in 1989. In 1991, they raised the bar with the introduction of the six-row peanut combine. In 1994, Amadas Industries joined forces with John Deere to develop the world’s largest self-propelled peanut combine.

Today, Amadas Industries offers peanut growers an advanced and complete line of peanut harvesting machinery, including peanut digger/inverters from four to 12 rows, four-row combines, six-row combines with bin dump and unload-on-thego versions, self-propelled combines, also from six to 12 rows with bin dump and unload-on-the-go versions, crop lifter/conditioners and ultra-high capacity in-field crop transporters.

The Amadas SP peanut combine offers today’s peanut grower unparalled ease of operation and incredible performance with harvest rates of up to 1,000 pounds per minute.

 25th Anniversary

In February 1991, Peanut Grower introduced the first 6-row combine to hit the market.

“Amadas reports that it designed its six-row Magnum Fource peanut combine from the ground up as a large-capacity machine. Officials say that the machine’s accuracy stems from the use of computer-assisted design and manufacturing.”

As noted in News Briefs, this was on the heels of an already hot market for the four-row combine.

Committed To Service
Along with the complete peanut harvest system, Amadas Industries manufactures specialized equipment for cotton, irrigation, wastewater application, brush mowing and industrial recycling and packaging. To serve their various customers, the company has two manufacturing plants in Suffolk, Va., a sales, distribution and service facility in Albany, Ga., and a parts warehouse in Denver City, Texas.

“We look forward to serving the needs of the peanut grower with the highest quality American manufactured equipment that is developed through advanced design and supported by the company’s commitment to absolute service,” says Ted Williams, Amadas’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

For more information about Amadas Industries and their product lines, visit their website at

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