Georgia Farmers Asked For Input In Deer Plan

Deer are the new feral hogs,” is a sentiment heard from many Georgia farmers in the past few years. Damage from an increasing number of deer is impacting growers across multiple crops and causing economic losses into the thousands affecting the food and fiber sector statewide.

Management of Georgia’s white-tailed deer comes under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division in a plan that is updated every five to six years. Given the stake they have in the deer population density, which is managed mostly through regulated hunting, farmers are being asked to complete an online survey to provide valuable input from producers. Several questions directly address deer damage to agricultural crops.

To participate, go to The survey is available until April 7, 2024.

The WRD’s management efforts are informed through biological data, public input and management objectives identified in the agency’s statewide deer management plan, developed through an intensive public participation process. Besides the survey, WRD held three open-house-style public meetings. This, along with the questionnaire, will provide the input needed to craft a management plan of white-tailed deer for the next six years.

Besides damage to agricultural crops, other issues include deer-vehicle collisions, urban deer management, hunting regulations and methods, hunter access, chronic wasting disease, wildlife viewing and ecological functions. PG

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