Inoculant Guide: Helping You Grow Smart

Farming may seem to be a solitary occupation, and while producers do spend long hours in the field by themselves, every producer knows there is a team of people he works with to be successful. There is the crop consultant, the Extension agent, the parts dealer, his banker, of course, and the agrichemical retailer, just to name a few. Together with this team, peanut producers grow the tonnage needed to provide consumers with delicious and nutritional peanuts.

As a part of the team, BASF wants to help producers grow their crops, their business and their knowledge, through Grow Smart – a total experience combining people, personalized plans, risk protection tools and their product portfolio.

Getting The Most Out Of Every Acre

Caren Schmidt, BASF technical marketing manager, says at the heart of the Grow Smart go-to-market strategy, BASF wants to work with growers on a personalized basis trying to pair BASF experts and their portfolio of products, implementing that knowledge in the fields to meet various goals, whether it is yield or otherwise.

“Growers plan, plant, manage and harvest making so many decisions along the way. BASF strives to work with producers through the Grow Smart strategy to help them manage their crops and make those decisions,” Schmidt says.

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On-Farm Program Comparison

One part of the Grow Smart strategy involves BASF’s onfarm trials and small plots to help producers see the difference in this management program with the use of BASF’s expertise, plus their portfolio of products.

“We have on-farm trial programs in many crops, such as corn and soybeans, looking at side-by-side comparisons with the BASF Grow Smart management plan to show producers how the Grow Smart management plan will compare to the grower’s standard,”

Schmidt says. “The Grow Smart plots are showing great results, and we’re excited to share those with producers.” Schmidt says BASF hopes to have formal Grow Smart onfarm trials in peanuts eventually.

Peanut-Grower-November-2015_Page_18_Image_0001Strong Portfolio Of Products

Even without formal Grow Smart on-farm trials specifically in peanuts, producers know that BASF offers a strong portfolio of products from planting to harvest. The inoculants, herbicides and fungicides help producers grow and protect peanut yield. Vault Liquid inoculant for peanuts offers highly effective rhizobia bacteria produced fresh each season and ready to colonize the roots quickly to begin fixing nitrogen to help the seedling get off to a good, healthy start. The addition of Integral biofungicide to the inoculant gives early and extended suppression of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rots, which helps to further enhance nodulation and nutrient uptake.

BASF’s herbicides offer flexibility along with efficacy through customized programs that can help producers control tough weeds, grasses and the emerging generation of herbicide-resistant weeds.

For disease control, fungicides with advanced chemistry provide powerful tools designed to protect crops from a large variety of fungi with long-lasting disease protection, post-infection disease control and advanced plant health benefits.

Together, in the Grow Smart management plan, these products provide consistent performance to deliver high-quality crops and higher potential yields. The Grow Smart approach is geared toward one goal: helping producers get the most, acre after acre, season after season.

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