Join The Peanut Proud Buying Point Challenge

At the annual meeting of the National Peanut Buying Point Association, the NPBPA adopted a Peanut Proud Challenge for peanut buying points. The purpose of the challenge is to broaden and increase support for Peanut Proud, the organization that spearheads the peanut industry’s humanitarian efforts.

Meet The Challenge

The Peanut Buying Point Challenge hopes to have every buying point in the United States donate enough money to purchase one pallet of Peanut Proud peanut butter. A buying point can donate $1,440 or producers can contribute to the buying points’ donation. If a buying point would like to donate in honor of all the farmers they service, simply provide their names and addresses and they will be informed of the contribution in their honor.

If producers contribute individually, the average buying point with 32 farmers can donate only $45 each with a taxdeductible check made payable to Peanut Proud, Inc.

Peanut Proud By The Numbers: Peanut-Grower-June-2015_Page_09_Image_0003

• A pallet contains 1,440 jars
• 1,440 jars provides over 23,000 servings
• The cost of one pallet is $1,440
• That’s only $1 per jar

Whether it’s together or individually, $45 or $1,440 altogether, the donation will help buy peanut butter that will go to help feed families. If 200 of America’s peanut buying points donate one pallet each, that’s 288,000 jars of peanut butter spread all over America.

Proud To Help Those In Need

Peanut Proud is the industry’s humanitarian arm reaching out with nutritious food to families through churches, food banks and crisis centers in their time of need. Peanut Proud provides and delivers the product, and food banks and churches in our communities plead for these deliveries of non-perishable, protein rich, universally loved peanut butter.

To sign up for the 2015 Peanut Buying Point Challenge, mail your contribution to Peanut Proud, Inc. at P.O. Box 650, Blakely, GA. 39823. By doing so, you will help the industry you work in and help people in need, some of whom may live in your community.

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