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New Tools For Producers And Handlers

Information on your peanuts sent directly to you from The Seam.

By Amanda Huber

The Seam, a provider of agribusiness software and trading solutions, recently launched new business intelligence tools geared to the peanut industry. The tools will provide peanut producers and handlers with actionable data for changing or improving practices both on and off the farm.

Modernized Flow
For producers, instant grading and inspection information is now available through automated text messaging. The information includes grade, moisture level, foreign material and other attributes important to producers regarding their tonnage.

A new online Producer Portal provides access to graphical metrics and more detailed intelligence, including inspection certificates, contract documents, farm purchase reports, electronic warehouse receipts and so forth. This technology, which is the first of its kind in the peanut industry, comes at the optimal time with this year’s historic-sized crop.

Expertise Expansion
In December 2000, The Seam began operating the world’s first online, anonymous exchange for cotton trading. Since that time, the company has leveraged its software and application development expertise in agriculture to expand into other commodity segments, including cocoa, grains, dairy and now peanuts. The Seam has cleared or processed more than $8 billion through its platforms.

Information Instantly
“Just as businesses rely on instant, meaningful data for making sound decisions, so do farmers,” said Mark Pryor, Chairman and CEO at The Seam. “Peanut producers have always relied on sound information to drive their farming operations. This information has typically been communicated by a phone call or through paper-based documents that may take days to receive.”

The need for instant information is more important than ever for producers, particularly with large or challenging crops, he says.

“This technology provides the insights needed to quickly adjust practices ‘on-the-spot’ for increasing efficiency and value, thereby saving time and money,” Pryor says.

“Extending the software to peanut producers was a natural next step for the cloud-based platform. Shelling organizations, plants, buying points, warehouses, trucking and now producers can inter-operate through common and modern software, while gaining efficiencies and insights along the way.”

System Integration
The new business intelligence tools were added to The Seam’s Peanut Commodity Management Platform, which was released a year ago. This web-based platform provides purchasing, inventory management, logistics, receipting, document digitization and more, while integrating with USDA and other industry systems and organizations.

Pryor says, “We’re excited to get this software into the hands of more producers and handlers, as it pushes us another step toward our mission of investing in the industry, providing modernization to agriculture and being a truly collaborative partner to our customers.”

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