A Golden Opportunity

feature2-July16A more modern warehouse facility in Vienna, Ga., will mean more efficient unloading and enhanced quality.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he increase in peanut tonnage over the last decade has heightened the need to modernize peanut processing facilities. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is investing in a significant upgrade and modernization of the company’s warehouse in Vienna, Ga., which will help to increase unloading speed and improve product quality.

“Our Vienna facility has a capacity of approximately 40,000 tons of peanuts,” says Greg Mills, president of Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company. “Those peanuts come from our partners into the Golden Peanut and Tree Nut network and from there into the hands of customers and consumers across the United States and around the globe.”

Committed To Success

“We are proud to announce significant enhancements that will make that process more efficient for our partner farmers and improve the quality of the stock that is sent to our Southeast processing operations.”

Feature2July16-2Taken together, the new, modern equipment will significantly improve unload times and will enhance quality control from the farm and field to the customer, Mills says.

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is already one of the nation’s largest handlers and processors of peanuts.

“As the peanut and peanut oil markets in the United States continue to grow, we are committed to continuous improvement—for our partner farmers and for our customers around the world,” Mills says. “You cannot succeed in the peanut business by standing still.”

Continuous Investment

Last summer, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts announced plans to expand peanut oil production in Dawson, Ga., and at the end of the year, more shelling capacity was acquired in South Africa. “Now, we’re moving to enhance our collection and storage operations in Vienna,” he says. “Golden Peanut continues to work to always be better so our customers and partners know they can continue to count on us for the highest quality products and best-in-class customer service.”

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