Field Monitoring Station

Reinke introduces Ranch Systems as a new ReinCloud Ready product partner. Through this new partnership, Reinke offers RS300, a field-monitoring device focused on soil moisture, weather and water metering stations. The RS300 allows users to collect field data that can be accessed through ReinCloud.

“The partnership with Ranch Systems enables us to bring to market an advanced line of daily field management and monitoring equipment that can be used worldwide,” said Reinke Product Manager Cody Bailey. “This gives users the ability to access and use data regarding weather and soil moisture that is crucial to their operation, helping them to make informed decisions regarding their irrigation management.”

Data from the RS300 is sent to ReinCloud, where it can be displayed and accessed alongside data from mechanized irrigation systems. The data is collected, stored, and can be analyzed and presented through an easy-to-use dashboard. The RS300 is a cellular-based device that requires an appropriate cell signal.

“Knowing what the user wants to monitor is the most important part. From soil moisture to water metering to a complete weather station, we partnered with ReinCloud to provide data solutions that the grower needs,” said Ranch Systems President and Founder Jacob Christfort.

ReinCloud allows growers to manage and monitor their irrigation system, analyze soil moisture data, check the weather and more from a single mobile web application.

For more information on the ReinCloud data services platform, visit

Varisto Herbicide Now Available

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently registered BASF’s Varisto herbicide for use in soybeans, dry beans, clover grown for seed, and other peas and beans.

“Varisto herbicide offers multiple sites of action for excellent weed control and resistance management in a convenient pre-mix formulation with low crop response,” said Christa Ellers-Kirk, technical market manager, BASF.

A 2013 University of Idaho research trial showed that Varisto herbicide was 98 percent effective in controlling hairy nightshade, 96 percent effective in controlling redroot pigweed, 90 percent effective in controlling common lamb’s quarters and 84 percent effective in controlling green foxtail. Results were measured 29 days after treatment.

In that same trial, a post-emergence application of Varisto preceded by a pre-emergence application of Outlook herbicide was 99 percent effective in controlling hairy nightshade and redroot pigweed, and 98 percent effective in controlling green foxtail and common lamb’s quarters.

For the best results, use as part of a weed management program that includes Prowl herbicide or Outlook herbicide applied at pre-emergence timing, followed by Varisto herbicide applied at post-emergence timing.
For more information about Varisto herbicide, please visit their website at

StarFire 6000 Receiver

PG-NP-2-July16Nearly 16 years ago, John Deere introduced the StarFire guidance system. Now, the company takes satellite-based guidance to even higher levels of accuracy, repeatability and signal pull-in speed with the introduction of the StarFire 6000 receiver and SF3 signal.

With the combination of the StarFire 6000 Receiver and SF3 signal, customers can get RTK-like accuracy without having to invest in an RTK system, or if they are operating in fields without an RTK network.

An improved Rapid Recovery feature allows for a quicker return to high-accuracy performance if the GNSS signals are lost due to shading from trees, buildings or terrain. StarFire 6000 RTK customers also receive up to 14 days of RTK Extend, which allows machinery to keep operating with guidance even with a lost or interrupted signal.

In addition, the StarFire 6000 Receiver has a built-in USB port to more quickly and easily install software updates in about three minutes compared to more than 20 minutes with the previous receivers. The receiver also has a built-in 8GB data-logger to capture and store data for improved trouble shooting and diagnostics.
Deere has maintained its plug-and-play integration of the new receiver, making it compatible with current and former displays and other technologies that customers are using on equipment. Current customers can easily upgrade to the new StarFire 6000 Receiver and SF3 signal this year. This newest guidance technology can be factory installed on  2017 sprayers, combines, tractors and other platforms.

For information on the new StarFire 6000, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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