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Velum Total Registered For Insect/Nematode Control

Bayer CropScience has received registration for their newest insecticide/nematicide for the 2015 cotton and peanut season in the Southeast. Velum Total insecticide/nematicide will deliver wide-spectrum, long-lasting control of nematodes and early season insects for better return-on-investment.

Peanut-Grower-March-2015-copy_Page_20_Image_0003Velum Total is a unique blend of active ingredients that works together to combat nematodes and stop insect damage. Applied in-furrow at planting, university trials show that Velum Total enhances root health and helps establish strong early season growth, decreasing the need for additional foliar sprays to control damaging insect pests. When used in cotton and peanut university trials, Velum Total provided greater yield response than the historical standard Temik, which is no longer available for sale or use in the United States. Velum Total is safe for use on crops in a tankmix with a variety of other agricultural products.

“Bayer CropScience is excited to offer growers another tool in their tool box as we look to combat insect pressure for southern row crops,” said Lee Hall, Bayer CropScience product manager. “Velum Total offers growers a unique combination of long-lasting insect control and nematode management for a more efficient program that maximizes yield.”

Velum Total will be available in the Southeast for cotton and peanuts in 2015, with a full launch in 2016 with expanded crop-use labels.

For information regarding Velum Total or other Bayer products, please contact your Bayer CropScience representative, call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit www.bayercropscience.us/products.

More Nimble Self-Propelled Sprayer

For crop producers and commercial applicators wanting a smaller, lighterweight and competitively priced self-propelled sprayer, John Deere adds the R4023 to its Four Series Sprayer lineup.

Peanut-Grower-March-2015-copy_Page_20_Image_0002The John Deere R4023 Sprayer features four-wheel hydrostatic drive; 600- gallon poly tank and 80-foot booms that can fold to 60 feet for tight conditions. It also has durable, vibration-resistant CChannel chassis frame with a suspension dampening Soft Shock option for optimal operator comfort and sprayer performance in rough terrain, plus IF tire options that provide a larger footprint with less compaction.

The R4023 also features air springs, optional ventilated seat and additional cab soundproofing, auto-leveling package and sprayer-specific CommandARM for fingertip control and monitoring of all machine functions. The latest technologies integrated into the sprayer include AutoTrac, SprayStar, BoomTrac Pro, John Deere Section Control and Boom Return to Height.

For more information on the new John Deere R4023 and other Four Series Sprayers, see your local John Deere dealer or visit www.JohnDeere.com/AG.

Topguard Fungicide Expands Label

The Environmental Protection Agency has expanded the list of crops for which Topguard Fungicide can be used to effectively prevent and control a wide variety of economically important diseases, announces Cheminova, Inc., maker of Topguard.

The EPA approved the addition of grain sorghum and the foliar use in cotton to the Topguard label. This move follows another recent label expansion that added wheat, triticale, pecan and other tree nuts, cucurbits, peppers and eggplant.

Topguard, with the active ingredient flutriafol, already had labelling for soybeans, corn, peanuts and sugar beets. “Topguard exhibits excellent systemic activity and its residual control lasts longer than most other available fungicides,” says Deneen Sebastian, Cheminova marketing director for North America. “These properties, plus its two-hour rainfastness, make disease control more effective, complete and longer-lasting.”

For more information about Topguard fungicide, growers are encouraged to contact their local crop protection specialist or visit the Cheminova web site at www.cheminova-us.com.

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