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Bayer Crop Science recently announced that it was refusing a request by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to voluntarily cancel flubendiamide, trade name Belt, in the United States and instead will seek a review of the product’s registration in an administrative law hearing.

BeltLogoThe company believes the methods used by the EPA exaggerate environmental risk and would deny farmers access to a critical pest management tool. Belt is approved for use on more than 200 crops because of its strong pest performance, favorable environmental and toxicological profile and excellent fit in integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

The EPA claims uses of flubendiamide may harm benthic organisms that live in the sediment of waters near agricultural fields, without any evidence of harm in more than seven years of commercial use. Bayer strongly disagrees with the EPA’s methodology, which is based on theoretical models and assumptions that exaggerate risk. Years of monitoring have shown residues of flubendiamide and its metabolite are well within safe levels established for aquatic invertebrates.

“We are disappointed the EPA places so much trust on computer modeling and predictive capabilities when real-world monitoring shows no evidence of concern after seven years of safe use,” said Dr. Peter Coody, Bayer Vice President of Environmental Safety. Bayer rejected the EPA’s request to voluntarily cancel the flubendiamide registration and anticipates a hearing in front of EPA’s independent Office of Administrative Law Judges for a review.While under review, farmers and retailers can continue to buy, sell and use the product in their operations.

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Syngenta Considers Big Offer

Syngenta recently announced that ChemChina has offered to acquire the company for $43 billion or $465 per ordinary share plus a special dividend to be paid conditional upon and prior to closing. The Board of Directors of Syngenta considers that the proposed transaction respects the interests of all stakeholders and is unanimously recommending the offer to shareholders.

Peanut Grower November 2015_Page_12_Image_0003The transaction is expected to conclude by the end of the year.Syngenta’s existing management will continue to run the company. After closing, a 10-member Board of Directors will be chaired by Ren Jianxin, Chairman of ChemChina, and will include four of the existing Syngenta Board members. ChemChina is committed to maintaining the highest governance standards with a view to an IPO of the business in the years to come.

Michel Demaré, Chairman of Syngenta, said, “In making this offer, ChemChina is recognizing the quality and potential of Syngenta’s business. The transaction minimizes operational disruption; it is focused on growth globally, specifically in China and other emerging markets, and enables long-term investment in innovation.”

Syngenta is and will continue to be headquartered in Switzerland. The transaction will enable further expansion of Syngenta’s presence in emerging markets and notably in China. To learn more, visit and

Portable Ag Chemical Blending System

MixMateImagePraxidyn introduces Mixmate ­— a portable agricultural chemical blending system. Mixmate streamlines or completely automates the mixing process with the bonus of generating automatic records. A system can be configured to fit your needs with a combination of pumps, valves, flowmeters and scales. The system is controlled with a rugged Android tablet. Operators are assisted with a streamlined mixing process and reduced exposure potential. Records are automated to maximize field time and accuracy. Mixmate is very useful for individual farmers, multiple users in a farming operation or commercial applicators.

One of the advantages of a Mixmate system is that it is modular, and new features can be added to a system at any time. Electric valves can be added to a manual system to add automation. Multiple scales and flowmeters will work simultaneously to control valves to mix a batch on the fly. In many cases, mixing speed equals pumping speed. The Mixmate hopper is ideal for jug processing and measuring smaller quantity ingredients. No premeasuring is required. Products are weighed as they are added to the Mixmate hopper and the actual amounts are recorded.

The system is designed to be portable and rugged. The electronics and wiring are sealed and weatherproof.

The Mixmate app securely backs up data to the cloud. Records are automated to maximize field time and accuracy. The app can be set up ahead of time with prescriptions and jobs. When the operator is ready to mix, simply select the job and confirm the batch size and settings. The Android app is optimized to make it fast and easy at mixing time.

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