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FMC Launches Elevest Insecticide

elevest logoThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently granted FMC Corp. registration for Elevest insect control in a broad range of crops including peanuts, soybeans, sweet corn, cotton and potatoes. The new insecticide combines full rates of Rynaxypyr active ingredient for lepidopteran control with full rates of bifenthrin, a pyrethroid.

According to FMC, Elevest insect con-trol provides growers enhanced activity on a broad spectrum of more than 40 insects that plague southern row crops, including corn earworms, armyworms and yield-robbing stink bugs.

Following a mild winter, the potential exists for high lepidopteran and plant bug populations. Scouting will be key to selecting the best tools for the current and late-season conditions.

“Scouting ensures you use the right insecticide at the right time. A premix product only fits certain situations,” says Bruce Stripling, FMC regional technical service manager. “If growers are fighting lepidopteran insects, Prevathon insect control with the single active ingredient Rynaxypyr is the best agronomic choice for effective control, while also being cognizant of the value of conserving beneficial insects.

“However, later in the season, when growers may have to fight lepidopteran pests plus other insects, that’s when the dual modes of action and broad-spectrum activity of Elevest insect control should be deployed.”

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Reinke Precision Irrigation For Corners

reinke logoReinke Manufacturing recently intro-duced a patent pending technology to increase variable-rate irrigation efficiency for swing arm corners — SAC VRI. Growers will benefit from the user-friendly RPM Preferred Touch or Annex PFTM panels and the ability to upload and store several prescriptions, saving both time and money.

This latest irrigation innovation from Reinke has performed well in field tests, enabling growers to apply the highest probable prescription for a swing arm corner path. Uniform water application increases yield potential while eliminating the expense for outside sources to create and adjust prescriptions.

Used on the whole irrigation system, variable-rate irrigation can segment water application into more than 300,000 zones, which growers can optimize over time. A predictive prescription is provid-ed for SAC VRI to maximize yield based upon results of swing arm corner tests across numerous fields.

“We believe this is the most advanced and easiest to use swing arm corner in the industry,” says Chris Roth, Reinke president. “Our team at Reinke is dedicated to making sure producers can save time when they use our precision irrigation products in their operations.”

SAC VRI is available on all new swing arm corner configurations.

Visit to learn more about variable-rate irrigation, SAC VRI and to find a Reinke dealer in your area.[divider]

Agco Recasts Vision, Commitment

agco logoAgco recently announced the change of vision as a commitment to bringing farmers sustainable high-tech solutions.

“Our new vision — sustainable high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world — better represents our thoughtful approach to helping farmers and our businesses continually find better and more sustainable ways to raise the food people need all around the world,” says Martin Richenhagen, president and chief executive officer of Agco Corp.

Agco’s sustainable high-tech solutions enable farmers to do more with less. Advanced farm machines require less fuel and make fewer passes in the field. Precision technology and agronomic solutions enable farmers to grow and harvest more per acre. Better sprayer technology enables farmers to apply products only where needed and reduce inputs to grow healthy food.

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