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Lindsay Announces FieldNET Pivot Watch

lindsay fieldview pivot watchLindsay Corporation recently announced the addition of FieldNET Pivot Watch. The patent-pending innovation includes a solar-powered remote telemetry device that mounts onto any center-pivot irrigation system, regardless of pivot age or brand, and a monitor-only subscription to Lindsay’s FieldNET irrigation management platform.

FieldNET helps growers optimize water-use efficiency, save time and ultimately improve yields and profit. Zimmatic dealers will begin offering FieldNET Pivot Watch in early summer 2019.

Pivot Watch is compact, lightweight and attaches directly to the span pipe with a simple aluminum band, without the need to connect to the electric circuitry of the pivot. This means growers will have the ability to install Pivot Watch themselves.

Though simple in design and low cost, the device has integrated cellular connectivity, GPS positioning and other embedded sensors, enabling growers to remotely “watch” or monitor their pivot’s functions, such as current position, status, direction and speed, using the FieldNET app. With FieldNET Pivot Watch, growers will be able to monitor their irrigation operations around the clock, enabling seamless functionality, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pivot Watch expands Lindsay’s aftermarket FieldNET offering, which also includes full remote monitoring and control with FieldNET Pivot Control, and FieldNET Pivot Control Lite, which offers monitoring and a mid-range of control.

At launch, Pivot Watch will be available with or without a pressure transducer to indicate whether water is on or off, and to display end-of-system pressure. Pricing starts at $299, including the first year, monitor-only FieldNET subscription. After the first year, the subscription will cost $100 per year.

For more information, visit www.myfieldnet.com.[divider]

New Capabilities With MyGrower

greenstone logoMyGrower, a mobile and desktop platform from Greenstone Systems, a Cultura company, announced the expansion of its feature set with the inclusion of ACH payment capability, action list functionality, push notifications and biometric security.

With the addition of ACH payment capability, MyGrower can now handle all types of payments. The action list functionality allows growers to submit requests to administrators via the mobile app or desktop portal for items such as settlements, ticket applications and ticket splits.

Administrators can also now send push notifications to users about timely items such as price changes and weather alerts. And finally, with the addition of biometric security login options, users can login to MyGrower quickly and securely with a simple thumbprint or facial scan.

MyGrower was first introduced in 2016 and is the only mobile platform on the market with seamless, real-time workflow into Greenstone’s well-known and widely-used ERP system, AGRIS. Through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, thousands of Greenstone customers can instantly access pertinent information for their growers such as proof-of-yield reports and ticket ownership reports, and can view pre-pay balances and access real-time account data such as grain tickets, contracts and more.

Additional notable expansions to the MyGrower platform since its inception include electronic signature capability (eSign), PayPal integration and browser updates so growers can see up-to- the-second changes to their accounts.[divider]

New Features In John Deere Lineup

john deere command centerJohn Deere has strengthened its lineup of 6R tractors by adding two more models, the 6230R and 6250R that bring customers faster, stronger, smarter tractors in the 6 family that excel in hauling, transport and loader work.

Both models are loaded with new levels of power and premium features to make them an ideal choice for hauling hay, forage and slurry, yet versatile enough for loader and PTO work. The 6230R and 6250R tractors expand the upper limits of horsepower available for the 6R lineup, delivering 230 and 250 rated engine horsepower respectively. When power bulge and John Deere Intelligent Power Management (IPM) are factored in, the larger 6250R is capable of up to 300 horsepower.

To ensure quick acceleration, John Deere included an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) as base equipment on the 6230R and 6250R. Customers have two IVT choices — 25 or 31 miles per hour top speed. Using the stepless IVT, operators can match the exact speed desired for any application ranging from 0.03 mph (.05 kph) up to 25/31 mph (40.23/49.80 kph).

A factory-installed Generation 4 4200 CommandCenter with an 8.4-inch (21.3 cm) color display is another premium feature included as base equipment, or customers can upgrade to the optional 4600 CommandCenter. Customers can also add Field Documentation with an AutoTrac activation and Section Control and Wireless Data Transfer if desired.

For more details about the 6230R and 6250R tractors or to request a demo, visit JohnDeere.com or see your local dealer.

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