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The Seam Working With Delta Peanut

the seam logoThe Seam, a provider of trading and agribusiness software solutions, announced that it will be working with Delta Peanut LLC, a new shelling operation based in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The Seam’s platform is designed with foundational technology such as document digitization, real-time data for decisioning and embedded integrations with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Federal-State Inspection Service, among others.

The platform delivers a digital hub for shelling organizations to interconnect with affiliate businesses and producers, providing the real-time status and value of stock, contracting, grading data integration and logistics management. Additionally, insight dashboards, position reporting, warehouse receipt management and system-guided workflows create streamlined processes, which result in more productive and cost-effective operations.

“The Seam is going to provide us with a solid technology foundation as we continue to build our infrastructure and plan for the future,” says Tommy Jumper, CEO at Delta Peanut. “There is a critical need for modern, integrated systems that provide transparency, interoperability and real-time data for decision-making. As we grow – adding buying points and possibly in-shell lines – it is comforting to know that The Seam’s extensible platform will grow with us.”[divider]

BASF Announces New Fungicide AI

basf logoBASF received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration for Revysol fungicide, its newest active ingredient (AI). The first and only isopropanol azole of its kind in the market, the AI provides fast-acting and long-lasting disease control for a broad range of crops and disease combinations.

Revysol fungicide has a unique isopropanol link that can flex to control a broad spectrum of fungal diseases and DMI-resistant strains. In recent BASF trials, it has shown exceptional biological against several economically significant diseases, including northern corn leaf blight in corn, late leaf spot in peanuts and frogeye leaf spot in soybean.

For growers challenged with resistance and seeking to maximize their yields, Revysol, a Fungicide Resistance Action Committee Group 3 fungicide, offers unique benefits compared to DMI fungicides, including:

• Application for a wide variety of crops.

• Faster fungicide uptake by the plant.

• Quick absorption leading to excellent rainfastness and low water solubility.

• Curative activity for post-infection applications made prior to symptom development.

The AI will be available in several customized products, including Provysol fungicide in peanuts, potatoes and sugar beets; Veltyma fungicide in corn; Revytek fungicide in soybeans;; and Cevya fungicide in grapes, almonds, pome and stone fruit.
Revysol, and its related product brands, will be available to growers for the 2020 planting season. PG

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