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Phosphite To Address Manganese Deficiency
While often overlooked, manganese deficiency in peanuts can be a factor that sharply limits yield and quality, says Jeff Mc- Clellan, regional manager for Agro-K Corporation, a pioneering micronutrient company.

“Manganese deficiency may be a problem in soils with a pH higher than 6.2, as noted by Extension and USDA soil scientists,” says McClellan. “Most sandy soils also are deficient in manganese. The tell-tale sign of inadequate manganese is leaf yellowing between the veins while the veins remain green. If the whole leaf is pale yellow, that is more likely a nitrogen deficiency.

“Extension peanut specialists in Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia all note that the quickest, most economical and efficient way to address manganese deficiency in-season is with sequential foliar applications, usually in at least three treatments at two-week intervals starting about mid-June, depending on how the crop is advancing.”

McClellan says there is added benefit in using a phosphite based foliar manganese such as Sysstem-MN because it is a compatible tankmix partner with fungicides for leaf spot and other pathogens, as well as Apogee for plant growth regulation to open the rows for more efficient harvest. The phosphite also enhances the calcium uptake process that peanuts require to optimize yield and quality.

“Putting the right amount of calcium into the pegging and pod development soil zone of peanuts doesn’t guarantee the crop will efficiently pick it up. But stimulating that uptake process with the right use of foliar phosphite can induce a better result. Having that phosphite work in tandem with manganese makes the result that much better,” says McClellan.

McClellan noted several benefits of applying the phosphite based foliar manganese at one to two quarts per acre for at least three applications preferably starting with the 45-day fungicide spray.

According to Agro-K, phosphite:

• Provides manganese in a rapidly absorbed form that is immediately available at the cellular level.

• Helps absorption of other products in the tank.

• Buffers the tankmix, encouraging optimum performance of many insecticides and fungicides.

• Results in a root “flushing” effect, which helps plants forage better for nutrients.

The University of Georgia Extension has recently updated research-based recommendations for calcium, particularly regarding the longstanding benchmarks of applying lime at planting and 1,000 pounds of gypsum at bloom or 30 to 45 days after planting. The lime recommendation will depend on soil sampling. If lime is used when it is not needed, the result may be higher soil pH and manganese deficiency.

For information on Agro-K’s phosphite-based Sysstem Series foliar nutrients or for dealer contact information, call 800-328-2418, visit or email
Reinke Adds Ontrac Cell To Product Line
Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, is adding Ontrac Cell to its line of remote management products. Reinke Ontrac Cell now joins Ontrac Radio, Ontrac Satellite and Ontrac Satellite Plus, working to provide growers with real time monitoring and control of their irrigation operation. The full product line is designed to readily integrate into Reinke and non-Reinke machines alike.

Ontrac Cell gives growers 24/7 access to check their irrigation status through the use of a cell phone, smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. The program provides easy access to basic controls and monitoring on most brands of pivots through cellular networks. Ontrac Cell features include start, stop, GPS position, direction, pressure, rain, power status and more, the ability to receive text or email alerts and access through a secure Web site.

Remote management products offer a wide range of benefits for growers. There is less wear and tear on vehicles and less drive time traveling to pivots and fuel, electricity and labor savings. Growers are able to see pivot locations, start, stop and monitor pressure from almost any distance. To learn more about Reinke Ontrac, visit a local Reinke dealer, call the toll-free Grower’s Hotline 866-365-7381 or visit

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