Quest Introduces A Tool To Check Spray Tips Quickly

InnoInnoquest, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of sensors and measurement instruments, has released the SpotOn Spray Tip Tool Kit that will help operators check the status of spray tips in just 10 seconds. “This preassembled kit gives sprayer operators everything they need to find worn nozzles, verify application rate, clean plugged tips and strainers, as well as calibrate sprayers,” says Bill Hughes, president of Innoquest. “It includes everything you need to maintain your sprayer and optimize performance.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.39.11 PMEach kit includes innovative SpotOn products like the Sprayer Output Calculator and comes with gloves, goggles and a compact carry case. It has the Digital Sprayer Calibrator, which provides accurate tip flow measurement in seconds, and the Air Blast Tip Cleaner And Tip Multi-Tool, which clears plugged spray tips with a 50 pounds per square inch air blast. The SpotOn Spray Tip Tool Kit currently lists for $295. Video demonstrations on the SpotOn Tip Cleaner and the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator are available on YouTube. For more details or to find a distributor, call 1-800-637- 1623 or visit

MANA Has New Corporate Brand Name MANA recently announced that it will operate under the new corporate brand name, ADAMA, as of second quarter 2014. The new corporate brand name comes on the heels of the global rebranding of Makhteshim Agan Industries – MANA’s parent company – in April 2014. The name, ADAMA, comes from the Hebrew word for “earth” and reflects the company’s farmer-centric focus and its commitment to advancing agriculture in its markets around the world. “Our decision to transition to a single global brand, ADAMA, marks another milestone in our evolution from a group of individual entrepreneurial companies into a leading global branded provider of farmer-focused products and services,” said Erez Vigodman, Makhteshim Agan president and CEO. “The transition to the new brand highlights our long-standing commitment to the agricultural community and allows us to speak with farmers around the world with a common voice.”

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