Editor’s Note

An Uphill Climb

For decades, Thimet has provided peanut farmers consistent, reliable thrips control under variable weather conditions. With new products continually being introduced, recent research shows Thimet is still the product that provides consistent control of thrips, aiding in additional yield with a positive return on investment. Based on independent, academic research conducted by scientists at multiple universities during the summer of ... Read More »

Reasons To Throttle Back

Let me fess up that my message today falls squarely under the heading of “the pot calling the kettle black.” Why? In several meetings and field days recently, I have heard Extension agents and specialists tell producers they need to slow down when spraying pest products in peanuts and all other crops. Yep, me telling someone they need to slow ... Read More »

An Uphill Climb

At the South Carolina peanut production meeting in late January, several speakers noted that domestic demand is growing only slightly at present and is not growing nearly enough to make a dent in the mountain of peanuts from 2015. In talking about what the National Peanut Board is doing to help spur demand, Ryan Lepicier, NPB senior vice president of ... Read More »

A Fun Look Back

On one wall of my office, shelves run the length of the wall. On one shelf are boxes holding past issues of The Peanut Grower with one box holding about two-year’s worth. As I was keying in the yield data for the 2016 variety guide, with most numbers starting with 5s and 6s, and even some 7s, I thought of ... Read More »

Look at the Whole Picture

For most people, living in a “gated community” means they live in a residential area with walls or fences and a gate to control who comes and goes. I live in a gated community, too. Our gate works to keeps things in, specifically cows. Most days, the gate is open, but when a cow gets out, it’s our first line ... Read More »

A Time To Reflect On 2015

With few exceptions, I have been on the Georgia Peanut Tour every year since the early 90s. ­ is year stood out as particularly good for the opportunities to gather new information and be reminded of information known, but perhaps forgotten. At a visit to the Attapulgus Research and Education Center, located in the southwest corner of Georgia close to ... Read More »

If I Can Do It, You Can Too

Amanda Huber

Let me pull back the curtain a little bit on One Grower Publishing in hopes that what I tell you will encourage you to embrace that new technology you have been thinking about or at least embolden you to seek out answers to the technology questions you may have. One Grower Publishing is, first and foremost, a company that publishes ... Read More »

Kudos To The WSSA On Their Effort

Amanda Huber

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superweed! Alright, that’s not what you were expecting, but I doubt the serious-minded researchers that comprise the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) never expected to have to define ... Read More »

Reasons To Hope USDA Is On Target

Amanda Huber

USDA has predicted a nine percent increase in peanut acreage in 2015, and although there are reasons to believe they have underestimated that figure, there are more reasons to hope they are on target. From a marketing standpoint, there would be less carryover and the possibility of a profitable 2016. From a production standpoint, one can hope a slight increase ... Read More »

The waiting game can be difficult

One good warm day and my kids break out the shorts and flip flops. By the second warm day, they are wanting to know when they can get in the pool. Their dad and I have to assure them, or even let them dip their tootsies in the pool for a test feel, that it is not warm enough to ... Read More »