Monday, July 15, 2024

EPA Registers BASF Fungicide

revysol logoThe Environmental Protection Agency has registered Revysol, the branded active ingredient name for mefentrifluconazole from BASF. State registrations are pending.

In peanuts, it will be marketed under the Provysol product brand name.

The DMI fungicide, which provides broad-spectrum control of a variety of diseases, belongs to the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee’s Group 3.

Revysol fungicide has a unique isopropanol link that can flex to control a broad spectrum of fungal diseases and strains resistant to other demethylation inhibitors, according to a BASF news release. In recent BASF trials, it has shown exceptional biological performance against several economically significant diseases, including northern corn leaf blight in corn, Cercospora leaf spot in sugarbeets, frogeye leaf spot in soybean and powdery mildew in grapes.

Among its attributes are:

⇒ Application for a wide variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, grapes, potatoes and sugar beets.

⇒ Faster fungicide uptake by the plant, leading to immediate and powerful disease-protective action.

⇒ Quick absorption leading to excellent rainfastness and low water solubility, allowing the AI to move through the plant for longer residual activity.

⇒ Curative activity, or post-infection applications, made prior to symptoms developing, can help stop the disease from progressing and save yield.

The AI will be available in several customized products, including Veltyma fungicide in corn; Revytek fungicide in soybeans; Provysol fungicide in potatoes, sugar beets and peanuts; and Cevya fungicide in grapes, almonds, pome and stone fruit.

Revysol and its related product brands will be available to growers for the 2020 planting season.

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