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Better Pivot Conversion From Valley

Valley Irrigation recently introduced Valley ICONX as part of the ICON series of smart control panels to combat the challenge of multiple control technologies on today’s farms. Farming operations continue to expand, adding new or rented farmland that often comes with a mixture of center pivots. Managing various software and mobile applications can become time consuming and challenging. Valley ICONX ... Read More »

New Products

Valor EZ Herbicide Available Valent U.S.A. Corporation recently announced the release of Valor EZ; a liquid formulation of the company’s leading herbicide, Valor. Named Valor EZ Herbicide for its easy-to-mix, in-tank suspension properties, Valor EZ is an ideal residual partner for the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. With its easy mixing and loading and great suspensibility, Valor EZ helps provide ... Read More »

Aerial Mapping In Trimble Partnership

  In a recent announcement, Delair-Tech and microdrones are the official unmanned aircraft systems for Trimble’s worldwide distribution network. The two companies offer proven aerial mapping solutions to make work easier. Pictured is a microdrones md4-1000 colored in yellow, and microdrones is now showcasing four new mapping solutions (called mdMapper). Here is a brief overview of each. mdMapper200 is a ... Read More »

Field Monitoring Station

Reinke introduces Ranch Systems as a new ReinCloud Ready product partner. Through this new partnership, Reinke offers RS300, a field-monitoring device focused on soil moisture, weather and water metering stations. The RS300 allows users to collect field data that can be accessed through ReinCloud. “The partnership with Ranch Systems enables us to bring to market an advanced line of daily ... Read More »

New Up-Top Plate For Spinner

Aldicarb Pesticide Returns To Mix Georgia growers have the ability to purchase and use AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide, a product which is essentially the same as Temik in formulation and performance. Ag Logic Chemical, LLC, the registrant of AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide, is currently manufacturing the product with limited supplies for use in Georgia in 2016 and sold exclusively through ... Read More »

New Up-Top Plate For Spinner

Nelson Irrigation has added a new plate to the Spinner product offering that gives irrigators another up-top option for center-pivot irrigation. Nelson’s Pivot Spinner is known as a low-pressure alternative to fixed sprayheads, providing higher uniformity with better overlap and lower application rates. The Lime Plate was engineered for up-top usage and gives the Spinner increased throw with minimal crop ... Read More »