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Useful, But Underutilized Technology

amanda huber

I feel extremely blessed to be the editor of Peanut Grower and to have been able to do this working remotely from my home all these years. This has only been accomplished because of my access to reliable Internet. For years, I have used Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) to get a high-speed bandwidth connection, which goes over the phone line ... Read More »

New Products

John Deere W170 Windrower

New Leaf Spot Fungicide Syngenta recently announced that its latest carboxamide fungicide with SDHI mode of action – Adepidyn – has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Formulated in five products under the Miravis brand family, Syngenta will make Adepidyn fungicide broadly available in late 2018 and 2019, subject to state approvals. Containing unmatched potency within the carboxamide ... Read More »

New Clemson Expert To Bring High-Tech Farm Solutions

michael plumblee

A new Clemson Extension associate will help South Carolina farmers learn how to use technologies to increase efficiency. Michael Plumblee is the new precision agriculture specialist at Clemson’s Edisto Research and Education Center. He will work with growers of all major crops including: corn, cotton, peanuts and soybeans. “I want to work with growers and Extension agents to build a ... Read More »

Putting Robots To Work In The Field

A 30 percent population increase necessitates the use of robotics in food production research. It may be a while before robots and drones are as common as tractors and combines, but the high-tech tools may soon play a major role in helping feed the world’s rapidly growing population. At the University of Georgia, a team of researchers is developing a ... Read More »

Drone Rules Released

The Federal Aviation Administration recently published the operational parameters for small unmanned aircraft systems. In February 2015, the FAA released its proposed rules for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which apply to all UAS weighing between .55 pounds and 55 pounds used for commercial purposes. After collecting and considering public comment, the FAA issued its final rules on June 21, 2016, ... Read More »

Get The Management Edge

Peanut producer, Scott Murphy, shares his experience using a whole-farm management program. Given the complexities of farming today, the risk that must be shouldered by the producer and the need to make sure every decision is what’s best for the farm as a whole, some producers may be looking for that edge that’s more than record-keeping software. AgriEdge Excelsior is ... Read More »