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New Leaf Spot Fungicide
new leaf spot fungicideSyngenta recently announced that its latest carboxamide fungicide with SDHI mode of action – Adepidyn – has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Formulated in five products under the Miravis brand family, Syngenta will make Adepidyn fungicide broadly available in late 2018 and 2019, subject to state approvals.

Containing unmatched potency within the carboxamide class of chemistry, each product in the Miravis range will set a new standard for disease control and potential return on investment.

“Adepidyn fungicide is the third new fungicide Syngenta has brought to market in the past three years, in keeping with our commitment to provide growers with the tools they need to help make their operations more efficient and profitable,” said

Steve Eury, fungicide product marketing lead at Syngenta. “With Adepidyn fungicide we have applied our expertise in fungicide development to combine the best features of previous products into a single active ingredient, delivering a more complete combination of power, spectrum and stamina.”

The Miravis line of products will be offered to growers in a wide range of crops, from corn and soybeans, to wheat, peanuts, grapes, vegetables and potatoes through five distinct brands. In peanuts, Miravis fungicide is expected to be a game changer against early and late leaf spot, providing unmatched potency and extended control.

When combined with proven performer Elatus fungicide, introduced by Syngenta in 2016, growers can feel confident they have achieved the longest-lasting, most potent leaf spot and white mold control available.

“As we’ve developed the Miravis brands in the United States, what has stood out in hundreds of trials is how powerfully and consistently they perform regardless of crop or geography,” Eury said. “It’s going to be very satisfying to show our grower customers what these new products can do for them.”

For more information about the new line of Miravis products, go online to and[divider]

Lindsay And Farmers Edge Partnership
Lindsay Corporation, manufacturer/distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, and Farmers Edge recently announced a new strategic partnership that will deliver a suite of ag tech and digital agronomy solutions for their customers.

The collaboration will provide farmers with a simple solution to easily access field-centric data and deep insights they need to make informed decisions and get the most out of every acre. Growers who use both FieldNET, a fully integrated wireless management tool, and the Farmers Edge digital platform will have the ability to seamlessly share key data back and forth b

As part of the agreement, the Farmers Edge suite of digital agronomic tools will be offered via Lindsay Corporation’s vast global network of Zimmatic dealers.

For more information about Farmers Edge, visit or For information about FieldNET technology, visit a Zimmatic dealer or[divider]

John Deere’s New W170 Windrower
John Deere W170 WindrowerTo meet the demands of small grain customers growing high-yielding canola varieties, John Deere introduces its smart, powerful W170 Windrower and a wide range of draper headers to make swathing faster and easier in heavy crop and hilly conditions.

“During benchmarking studies in heavy crop conditions, the W170 Windrower showed an impressive 20 percent productivity gain,” Nick McKelvey, John Deere marketing manager for windrowers, says.

“With 46 inches (116.8 cm) of ground clearance and 12-inch (30.48 cm) wider walking beams, tall windrows can flow easily beneath the machine’s frame and are corralled by a new swath compressor. The swath compressor forms a loose crop into a tight, uniform windrow, making it easier for a combine to pick up, eliminating the need for a canola roller.”

Part of the productivity gain realized by the W170 can be attributed to its proven John Deere 4.5L engine that produces 12 percent more horsepower than its W155 predecessor.

The engine is paired with a higher-capacity variable-speed fan that can be reversed, making it easier for operators to clean. At 27.3 mph (43.9 kph), the W170 has the fastest transport speed in the industry to quickly move operators from field to field.

For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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