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AT 9899-14: This small-statured high-oleic variety is a spreading growth (runner) plant type and matures about two weeks later than Tamspan 90 in West Texas. It is not resistant to TSWV. Trial yields are significantly lower than common Spanish peanut varieties. The variety can produce a prolific number of pods, but peg attachment is weak.

Georgia-04S: A high-yielding, high-oleic, Spanish- type variety, Georgia-04S was developed at the UGA Coastal Plain Experiment Station. Intended for the same market, Georgia-04S has later maturity and pod and seed size similar to other Spanish-market types. Georgia-04S has shown significantly higher yield, TSMK grade and dollar value return per acre compared to other leading Spanish varieties.

OLin: Released from Texas A & M University in 2002, this high-oleic line is comparable to Tamspan 90 in growth habit, maturity and disease resistance. Yield potential is consistently five to 10 percent less than Tamspan 90.

Pronto: A large-seeded Spanish variety, Pronto has a growth habit typical of Spanish varieties, except that it exhibits more yellow-green color. Pronto has yields and grades similar to Spanco.

Spanco: A high-yielding, Spanish-type variety released from Oklahoma State University, Spanco is early maturing (10 to 14 days earlier than most other Spanish varieties). It has good yield potential, but does not possess the pythium pod rot or Sclerotinia blight resistance found in Tamspan 90.

Tamnut OL06: This Texas A&M Spanish line is a large-podded, large-seeded high-oleic variety with potential use in the runner market. Maturity and yield potential are similar to Tamspan 90. Initial yield results in runner production systems appear less than Flavor Runner 458, but with earlier maturity.

Tamspan 90: Released from Texas A&M University in 1990, this variety exhibits typical Spanish growth habit. It is resistant to Pythium pod rot and Sclerotinia blight. Maturity runs about 140 to 145 days in West Texas. It has excellent yield potential.

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