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Georgia Valencia, Georgia Red: Two high-yielding Valencia- type varieties that are an excellent choice for the freshmarket boiling trade in the Southeast. These varieties offer high-yield performance, large pods and seed size and compact bunch growth habit. Georgia Valencia and Georgia Red offer better disease tolerance with similar maturity as other Valencia varieties. Valencia A: This variety has a high percentage of three- and four-kernel pods. The variety has the potential to emerge more quickly than Valencia C, but takes a few days longer to reach maturity, approximately 130 to 135 days.

Valencia C: This variety has an excellent percentage of three- and four-kernel pods. Valencia C emerges one to three days later than the Valencia A, but relative maturity may be sooner. It normally yields as well as or slightly higher than most other Valencia varieties.

GenTex (H & W)101: Released from Harper & Wilson, this variety has a high percentage of three- and four-kernel pods. It is similar in maturity to Valencia C, but generally yields slightly less than Valencia C or GenTex 102.

GenTex (H & W) 102: This variety is similar to GenTex 101 in terms of maturity, but yields higher by a few hundred pounds. Maturity and yields are comparable to Valencia C.

GenTex (H & W) 136: This large-seeded, large pod variety may contract for a premium. Yields are comparable to other top-yielding Valencias, but may grade lower because of the large shell. Maturity is similar to Valencia C. Caution should be taken at harvest to minimize digging and combine losses.

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