Worth The Wait

Waiting for soil temperatures to warm up by a few degrees can mean a double-digit increase in germination percentage. By Amanda Huber Factors that affect soil temperature and, therefore, peanut planting include more than air temperature, says Kris Balkcom, Auburn University Extension peanut specialist. It also includes soil type, soil moisture level, the presence of cover crops or the use ... Read More »

The Code Is Unlocked

An international group of scientists completed a five-year quest to map the peanut’s genetic code. The Peanut Foundation recently announced the culmination of a research project that will give scientists around the world a map with which to unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant. This discovery by the Peanut Genome Consortium, a group of scientists from ... Read More »

Many Uncertainties Remain As Planting Approaches

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has lowered the peanut crop estimate for 2017. The early prediction of 3,819,500 tons may have been possible until the hurricane and late drought caused the peanut crop to shut down. Scientists are still scratching their heads a bit at what caused the fairly significant yield reduction. The final crop estimate was still a record ... Read More »

2018 Peanut Variety Guide

Peanut varieties of today have resistance to multiple diseases, but the best variety choice is still one that will achieve a rapid, uniform stand and provide good yields and grades over a wide range of growing conditions. With so many varieties to choose from, careful consideration should go into this part of your planting decision. Many factors affect the decision ... Read More »

2018 Estate Tax Changes

With the start of a New Year and the passage of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” there are important changes to the federal estate tax. Everyone should take time to understand the current and any new estate tax law and to evaluate his or her estate to determine if estate tax liability may be an issue. Federal Estate Tax ... Read More »

Know Your Production Costs

Economists from the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences recommend that Georgia farmers understand their production costs before planting next year’s crops. Amanda Smith, a UGA Cooperative Extension economist in the CAES Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, says prices for diesel, some chemicals and land rent have increased, while seed and fertilizer continue to be significant ... Read More »

New Products

Advanced Guidance From Deere John Deere has introduced its latest advanced guidance and machine data sharing technology with the addition of AutoTrac Turn Automation, AutoTrac Implement Guidance, AutoTrac Vision for Tractors and In-Field Data Sharing applications, which are bundled activations for the John Deere 4600 CommandCenter or bundled subscriptions for 4640 Universal Displays. AutoTrac Turn Automation makes end turns smooth, ... Read More »

Entomology Notes

For insect management, it is all about scouting and getting the pest identified correctly. As you prepare for 2018, use these entomology notes made by UGA Extension entomologist, Mark Abney, and your own field notes to plan next year’s crop management strategy. Garden Fleahopper It has been a while since anyone asked me about garden fleahopper in peanut. After a ... Read More »

Breakthrough In Aflatoxin Suppression

Aflatoxins, which can infect peanuts, corn and other crops, are a major health risk worldwide. Aworldwide group of plant scientists have made a significant research breakthrough by suppressing the fungus that produces aflatoxin in peanuts. Zhi-Yuan Chen, a researcher in the LSU AgCenter Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, is one of the collaborators in the project headed by ... Read More »