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Irrigation Scheduling

In a comparison of five scheduling methods in four varieties, which method worked best? The weather can never be predicted, but has a huge impact on crop production and final yield. So, we must adapt to changing conditions and manage our crop to adapt to these conditions. 2014 was a prime example of variable weather conditions with a very wet ... Read More »

New Products

Trimble Enhances Irrigate-IQ Trimble has launched a new fully scalable version of its Irrigate- IQ precision irrigation solution that also works with a wide range of irrigation equipment. Growers can now affordably purchase a basic system to remotely monitor and control their pivots. As their irrigation needs grow and evolve, they can upgrade to partial or full variable-rate irrigation (VRI) ... Read More »

When To Spot Plant

JASON WOODWARD Texas Agri-Life Extension Plant Pathologist Don’t give up on peanut emergence. Heavy rains fell across much of the Southwestern production region in early May. Some fields were planted before the rains came; however, many growers were waiting for a “planting rain” in hopes to reduce the need to irrigate. The planting rain quickly turned to flash flooding with ... Read More »

New Products

Velum Total Registered For Insect/Nematode Control Bayer CropScience has received registration for their newest insecticide/nematicide for the 2015 cotton and peanut season in the Southeast. Velum Total insecticide/nematicide will deliver wide-spectrum, long-lasting control of nematodes and early season insects for better return-on-investment. Velum Total is a unique blend of active ingredients that works together to combat nematodes and stop insect ... Read More »

Managing Moisture And Molecules

Wayne Nixon, agronomist, talks about field testing soil amendment product, Quick-Sol, in the Carolinas. An increase in peanut yield of 1,500 pounds per acre from technology that costs less than one fungicide application was more than veteran North Carolina agronomist Wayne Nixon was prepared to understand and accept. “I’ve been conducting grower tests most of my professional life, and in ... Read More »

New Products

Soil Moisture Monitoring From Valley Valley Irrigation’s SoilPro 1200, powered by AquaSpy, delivers the most detailed soil moisture data in an easy-tounderstand format. With just a few clicks, growers can see the depth of their crop root zone, soil moisture levels by depth, soil electrical conductivity, temperature and water penetration from rainfall and irrigation. This real-time data give growers information ... Read More »

Unlocking The Genetic Code

In reporting on their success, the International Peanut Genome Initiative has released the first peanut genome sequences. The International Peanut Genome Initiative (IPGI) – a multinational group of crop geneticists working in cooperation for several years – has successfully sequenced the genome of the peanut. The new peanut genome sequence will be available to researchers and plant breeders across the ... Read More »

New Products

New Crossover Insecticide/Fungicide Innvictis Crop Care, LLC, announces the launch of Crossover, an insecticide plus fungicide premix formulated into a convenient and stable emulsifiable concentrate. It is labeled for corn, cotton and soybeans, plus cucurbits. Crossover combines a triazole fungicide with a pyrethroid insecticide. Priced affordably, it can serve as an all-in-one in early season wheat markets where many fields ... Read More »

New Products

Valley Irrigation Launches Redesigned Website  Valley Irrigation, makers of precision irrigation, has redesigned its website, at www.ValleyIrrigation.com, to better serve its customers. The new website makes it easy to research a product or contact a Valley dealer. Growers can find product brochures, videos, owners’ manuals and all the resources needed to make informed irrigation decisions. The site also includes a ... Read More »