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Inoculant Guide: The Potential for Top Yields

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One small peanut seed contains all of the potential for a top-yielding crop of healthy, delicious and nutritious peanuts. However, planting the seed is not enough to achieve all of that potential. Producers must make sound planting decisions prior to putting the seed in the ground. At planting, the seed must be surrounded with inputs that allow for quick, uniform ... Read More »

Inoculant Guide: Q & A

Q. What is the benefit of using an inoculant? A. As a legume crop, peanuts can supply their own nitrogen, but only if rhizobia bacterium is available in the root zone and in close proximity to the emerging seedling to enter into the root and begin fixing atmospheric nitrogen. To do this successfully, there must be a sufficient quantity of ... Read More »

Assessing Pod Problems

Some disease and insect problems can only be found at digging. Editor’s Note: Pod rot and burrower bug symptoms can really only be found after peanuts are dug. Taking an assessment of any disease or insect symptomology will help with subsequent crops. In the case of burrower bug, knowing it was found in a field will help entomologists assess the ... Read More »

When To Spot Plant

JASON WOODWARD Texas Agri-Life Extension Plant Pathologist Don’t give up on peanut emergence. Heavy rains fell across much of the Southwestern production region in early May. Some fields were planted before the rains came; however, many growers were waiting for a “planting rain” in hopes to reduce the need to irrigate. The planting rain quickly turned to flash flooding with ... Read More »

Reasons To Hope USDA Is On Target

Amanda Huber

USDA has predicted a nine percent increase in peanut acreage in 2015, and although there are reasons to believe they have underestimated that figure, there are more reasons to hope they are on target. From a marketing standpoint, there would be less carryover and the possibility of a profitable 2016. From a production standpoint, one can hope a slight increase ... Read More »

New Pest Protection Tools

Consider resistance-management options with these pesticide products. Pesticide options for 2015 include a new fungicide offering from Syngenta and an insecticide/nematicide combination product from Bayer CropScience. Included in this article is information about these new products and a few others that you may encounter for the first time this year. Additionally, a new class of chemistry has moved to the ... Read More »

Early Disease Control

Plus, research briefs on a new Spanish variety and a weed competition study. Producers have come to depend on disease resistance built into their peanut varieties, but that in no way lessens the attention that should be paid to all the factors that affect peanut yield. Besides variety selection, planting date, plant population, crop rotation, tillage and other factors can ... Read More »

Shelling Plant Going Up In Georgia

Premium Peanut has announced plans to build a $50 million peanut shelling plant in Coffee County, Ga., that will employ 100 people. Coffee County Development Officials said that initial work has already begun on the 42-acre site on Barrington Road off Georgia Highway 32 west of Douglas, explains JoAnne Lewis, executive director Douglas-Coffee County Economic Development Authority. “A commitment of ... Read More »

Managing Moisture And Molecules

Wayne Nixon, agronomist, talks about field testing soil amendment product, Quick-Sol, in the Carolinas. An increase in peanut yield of 1,500 pounds per acre from technology that costs less than one fungicide application was more than veteran North Carolina agronomist Wayne Nixon was prepared to understand and accept. “I’ve been conducting grower tests most of my professional life, and in ... Read More »